Law 101: Justice Singapore-style

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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:20:07 GMT
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Subject: Justice pap style

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Law 101: Justice, Singapore-style
If you were a peasant...

...and you were killed by the dangerous driving of a government-controlled
newspaper's executive editor (read: an elite), your assailant will get
jailed for 1 day. No, you did not read wrongly - ONE day:

Lim Hong Eng, the 56-year-old executive editor of Shin Min Daily News, was
there to hear the outcome of the appeal against her sentence for knocking
down and injuring a motorcyclist and killing the woman riding pillion with
him. The appeal against her conviction was rejected, but the 11/2-year jail
term dealt by a lower court was cut to a day's jail

If you were an elite....

...and someone informed you that someone else felt like punching you, you
can get that "someone else" (read: a peasant) jailed for 6 months merely for
uttering (not acting out) his disgust for you to a 3rd party!

RAG-AND-BONE man Ng Kim Ngweng was sentenced to six months' jail on Monday
after he was convicted of threatening to cause hurt to a Member of

By the way, being a peasant is not the worst crime in Singapore. The worst
crime is if you were a peasant who owed the government money! That's the
most heinous crime - much much worse than killing someone:

A BUSINESSMAN who fraudulently evaded duty as well as goods and services
tax (GST) on car imports totalling $145,181 has been fined $1.4 million. As
Toh Chee Wee, 36, could not pay the fines, he will serve a default sentence
of 100 weeks in jail.

Bottomline: Don't ever, ever, owe the government any money. On the other
hand, if you are able to bring in money for the government, be it officially
or unofficially (eg. in the form of a "charitable" organisation having $600
million reserves), you will be spared even if the public is outraged by your
golden tap and first-class air travel!

Moral of the story: Pay your protection money now, peasants! For example, if
you were a "religious" leader getting paid too much money, you can try
building a multi million-dollar building in partnership with some
government-owned building company. That will offer you some protection. The
stupidest thing you can do as a "religious" leader is the opposite: pay your
assistant lots of money and give him supplementary credit cards AND then not
paying any protection money to the government! That's penny-wise, pound
foolish. You will end up being made an example for all peasants to see! We
are witnessing that in court right now. Mark my words: the sentence will be
severe, more severe than T.T. Durai's - we gotta teach the peasants a lesson
they will never ever forget: to repeat, PAY YOUR PROTECTION MONEY!

That's "justice" for you, Singapore-style!

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