GE is Coming

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From: "Lobert"
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 21:48:03 +0800
Local: Wed, Apr 15 2009 9:48 pm
Subject: Re: GE is Coming
"Lobert" wrote in message

> The Cynic wrote:
>> The signs have started appearing. The question is when. Last GE it was
>> 66.6 now with thousands of new citizens it will perhaps be increased to
>> 90. LOL

>> Parliament in recess
>> President to outline Government's new priorities when it reconvenes in
>> May
>> PARLIAMENT has gone into recess and will reconvene on May 18, the
>> Government announced at the end of yesterday's sitting.

>> xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
>> xxxx

>> Closing a session of Parliament midway through the Government's term of
>> office is referred to as proroguing.

>> Unlike the dissolution of Parliament ahead of a general election,
>> proroguing is generally done to allow the Government to map out a new
>> legislative programme and let MPs take stock of their work.

>> It can also be done when there is a new Prime Minister, or a new
>> President.

> May be election in some safe area to replace some old guards and put in
> new people!

How for newbie PAPist to suck and lick. Have been sucking and licking those
old PAPist fart for too long already.

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