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Ethnic composition of resident population

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On Sep 30, 1:30 pm, Borked Pseudo Mailed
> The night time Formula One may be news, the current global financial turmoil may be bigger news but they can't beat what is conveyed by the table below, as far as Singapore is concerned.

> Population Trends 2008

> Ethnic composition of resident population

> Year Chinese(%) Malays(%) Indians(%)
> 1990 77.8 14.0 7.1
> 2000 76.8 13.9 7.9
> 2008 74.7 13.6 8.9

> This is shocking. In the past 18 years, among the three major races in Singapore, the Chinese percentage has gone down by 3.1%, the Malays has gone down by 0.4% and only that of the Indians has gone up, by a hefty 1.8%.

> The Chinese percentage decline may be due to lower birth rate but the increment of the Indians cannot be due to birth rate because of its low base and because Indians are also subjected to population control. It has to be immigration. In the past 18 years, there had many more Indians coming in than Chinese. As written by some posters here, they are coming in by the hordes. There is no indication that this is slowing down, let alone stopping.

> The number was briefly reported in passing in the printed media as part of an article. There was no follow-up in the forum, none whatsoever. Population trend has a long term permanent effect on the country. This should be a major issue. Other minor issues have attracted more interest. Or may be since this is advantageous to the Indians, it is to be kept in low profile. If it is the other way round, where Chinese percentage has gone up and the Indians' has gone down, I am sure there will be a lot of loud noises about sinicisation of Singapore.

> The non-Indians better speak up. Those snaky Indians will interpret silence as consent. They will impress upon the policy makers that since there is no protest of any form, this trend is acceptable to the majority of Singaporeans and should therefore be allowed to continue. If this is allowed to happen, the flow will turn into a flood. Indians will soon form the majority. It will be sooner than one can imagine. Firstly, by the increasing trend of the incoming Indian migration. Secondly, by the increasing trend of the out-going Chinese migration because as the Indians keep coming in Singapore will become less and less attractive to the Chinese.

> This is really a sad chapter for overseas Chinese. They have struggled hard to build up a nation where they form 75% of the population. After the minority Indians question "What's so sacred about the 75%", it is now at less than that and the Indians percentage has gone up. Since the mid-80's, the Indians have wedge a cold and cunning racial war against the Chinese. They talk about one-people, one humanity, racial equality, they readily accuse others of being racists, all these to silence any protest against new Indians arrival. Once they believe they have a large enough presence, they demand to have their own TV channel, to live in their own township, now they say they cannot deny that they are genetically Indians.

> The policy makers in charge of population better wake up. It is time to stem the tide of Indian migration to Singapore.

Thank you for starting this thread. I know of so many people who are
so unhappy about the change in our population composition. We are not
allowed to voice our opinions on this. Teenagers who wrote the
slightest about racial matters online are hauled to court and charged
under the Sedition Act. I notice that those who do are taking efforts
to hide their original IP address. They know they run the risk of
being arrested and charged. I hope the government will take heed of
the postings here seriously. We are the genuine voices of the people
who love our country. We are not whiners, racists, insurgents or
saboteurs. We are Singaporeans who love Singapore.

The Chinese majority in this country is slowly but surely being
chipped away while the media write favorably about how the country is
changing for the better through diversity and cosmopolitanism. In
reality, what is happening is that the Chinese percentage in the
population is falling while that of the Indian is rising. How can this
be right?

People in government seem to be afraid of being labeled as racists by
the Indians. Being accused by the Indians as racists is laughable
because no one can be any more racist than an Indian. Racism is deeply
entrenched in the Indian culture through its caste system. Many have
observed that the Indians are snaky racists, who are good in crying
and protesting as victims of racism while practising racism against
others. They have continually conspiring to attain more political
power. Way back in the 80's, they wanted to promote a fellow Indian
Dhanabalan as the PM. The current MM put a stop to this by saying that
Singapore was not ready for an Indian PM. Next, they succeeded in
promoting S R Nathan as the President and ensured his second term in
office. In the beginning of the year, the Indians again try to promote
a fellow Indian Tharman to be the next PM. This was done through the
newspaper TODAY that they have controlled. It was seen through by some
posters here. Nothing has been done about such open racism.

It is time to tell the Indians in the face that they are not equal to
us Chinese in all respect. We can be friends, but from a long
distance. We don't want them over here in ever increasing numbers.
This is not right. It is not based on meritocracy. If they are that
good, other countries would have fought with us for them. The truth
is, no other country in the region welcomes them as much as Singapore
does. I plead with the government. Please reverse the population trend
as shown in the posted statistics the soonest possible. Put an abrupt
stop to the inflow of Indians!

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On Oct 1, 10:52 am, wrote:
> On Sep 30, 6:24 pm, wrote:

> > On Sep 30, 4:04 pm, wrote:

A cold racial war has been waged against the Chinese by the racial
minorities, especially the Indians, for a long time now.

When LHL first attended the National Day Parade as a Member of
Parliament, when a Chinese song came up, he joined in to sing along
enthusiastically. This was shown prominently on TV. For that, he
earned a lot of criticisms mainly along the line that he was showing
his racial bias openly. The Indian Minister of Health Balaji recently
openly stated that he is undeniably genetically Indian. This was not
shown on TV. It was not reported as a headline or sub-headline, only
briefly in a paragraph. If one of our Chinese Ministers had said
something along the same line, the press would give it a big and bad
spin until there are loud cries demanding his resignation.

When the first Overseas Chinese Business conference was held here, a
lot of protests were heard. S R Nathan had attended Overseas India Day
in India after which he organised the following one in Singapore. Now
the Global Indian Diaspora inaugural conference will be organised by
Balaji and be held in Singapore. It goes to show what hypocrisy it was
when they talk about 'one-people'. As their number increases, they are
showing their true racist color. The worse is yet to come.

Indians here are politically conscious and active. They will not
hesitate to speak up to defend the interest of their race. Their
public figures and the newspaper under their control will come to
their aid. The Chinese are politically apathetic. They leave politics
to their politicians. The problem is, on issue of race, these
politicians hesitate to speak out, not wanting to be labeled as
racists. Instead they look to the ordinary people to do so. While the
Chinese politicians and the ordinary people look eye-to-eye to see who
will move first, the Indians push forward relentlessly.

Going by the population statistics, it can be seen that the Indians
are winning, hands down, in the racial cold war. Will the Chinese make
a move? Ever?
I agree, there is an on-going racial cold war in Singapore alright.
The Chinese has bore the brunt of the attack, from ordinary folks to
the most powerful political figure. There was a long stretch on the
SCS when LKY was constantly lambasted as a racist and as a traitor
working for the Japs during WW2. The Indians selectively forget about
Nathan who also work for the Japs during that war. There was also
that Indian nationalist independent fighter Bose who collaborated with
the Japs to use Singapore as a base to train Indians to fight against
the Brits in India. Ironically, this character is being commemorated
as an Indian hero in the history of Singapore.
Ch8 is the favorite target of those anti-Chinese racists. It is always
accused of being too Chinese and not open to other cultures. The
result is that there is no pure Chinese-ness in Ch8 programs. Local
productions carry only English sub-titles. Comperes and participants
in games and talk-shows speak Mandarin punctuated with English.
Overseas movies in Ch8 are from HK, Taiwan and now also Korea and
Malaysia. But over in the Indian channel, overseas movies are without
exception from Bollywood India. Thus the Indians here still have a
cultural umbilical cord to attach them to their Mother India. As more
Indians move over from India, this link is going to grow stronger
until the hearts and minds of the Indians here feel and think like
those in India. I wonder if any of those policy makers realise this.
The Chinese here are too soft with the Indians, always responding to
Indians demands and challenges with acquiescence and ...

I think it is bloody open racial war in the making if the Indians, who
challenge our very existence by asking what's so sacred about our 75%
proportion of the population, are allowed to increase their proportion
at our expense. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this

Why are so many Indians allowed to come in? Is it because of
corruption, that some high officials in ICA are taking bribes from the
Indians? Is it because there is an affirmative action program for
Indians immigrants? If any, it would be to induce them, all of them
if possible, to get out rather than to come in. Is it because the
authorities are afraid of the Indians crying buckets about racism? If
that is the case, just tell the Indians to go jump into the nearest
sea around Singapore. Yes, we should favor Chinese over Indian in our
immigration policy. No apology required for that.

Indians have molested and raped Chinese women and murdered Chinese
men. Even our kids are not spared. There was is case of a "famous"
Indian actor who intimidated our kids to give up their rightful seats
in a cinema. How despicable. And yet there is no end to more of them
coming in. If this is not put right, ordinary people are going to take
matters into their own hands.
The statistical trend indicated by the table marks the beginning of
the end for Chinese in Singapore. Already, the onslaught of
Westernisation that comes with the English language has turned many
Chinese here into nothing but pseudo-westerners. On top of this,
global politics is against the Chinese in Singapore. The Americans
favors India over China simply because the former conducts free
elections. Therefore, it favors Indians over Chinese everywhere. It
would like to see Singapore get closer to India than China. Being the
overlord of Singapore, the US will have its way to this end.

The Indians in Singapore know this. They know the pecking order of the
day. "Rather a white- than a yellow-man's slave be", that's their
motto of survival in Singapore. Indians in Singapore have no respect
of their fellow Chinese countrymen. They don't have to. All they have
to do is to master the the English language and they can climb as high
as they wish, all the way to the highest office in the land. Once on
top, they are completely away from Chinese influence. Up there,
looking down, they see a lot of Chinese below them, reinforcing their
sense of superiority over the Chinese. For this reason, S R Nathan
will never want to speak a word of Chinese in public, no matter how
much taxpayers money is spent to tutor him. He will not do it even for
the sake of charity, not even if someone were to pledge a certain
amount of money for every Chinese word he will speak in a charity
show. He sees it as his duty to use his power and influence to bring
in more Indians from all over the world. That is the sole purpose he
becomes the President of Singapore.

The hope for the Chinese lies in themselves. They have to awaken to
the fact their majority proportion in the population is not forever.
Breeding will not be able to counter the massive inflow of Indians.
The only way is to cut-off the inflow. The alternative is to perish.
All these talks about a racial cold war and the recent passing away of
the Indian politician JBJ bring a period of Singapore political
history into focus.

JBJ made political history in Singapore when he won the Anson
election. This led to frequent clashes between him and LKY in
Parliament. One of these clashes became big news when LKY referred to
JBJ as a dog he was beating and ridiculed JBJ's name as supposedly
westernised. This raised hell in the Indian community. The Indians
wanted LKY to apologise but he refused. LKY became the arch-enemy
of the Indians. The hatred extends to the whole Chinese race. Thus
the racial cold war between the Indian and the Chinese in Singapore
was started.

The Indians, who mastered the English language well, are heavily into
the media field. Anyone to the dislike of Indians becomes easy target
for the English language press. LKY was constantly in the firing line.
Things became worse for him after he passed the baton to GCT. They
wanted to make sure that he knew he had a "boss" now. The press was
constantly on the look-out for him saying the wrong thing and put a
big, bad spin to it. For a time, he was made to read from speech
prepared for him where he talked about technical things,
engineering, IT and stuff like these. This was unbearable to him so
much so that in the midst of one such speech, he broke out in
exasperation and said something like "I hardly know half of what I am
talking about".

Hatred for LKY extends to the whole Chinese race. Anti-Chinese racism
was blatantly displayed. There were so much negative things in the
English language media about the Chinese - their physical being, their
culture, their mannerism, in fact everything. Chinese language and
media like Ch8 were favorite targets for these anti-Chinese racists.
They want to see the Chinese language disappeared. Streets signboards
with Chinese were replaced with English ones. Chinese are not even
allowed to speak among themselves in public in their own language.
That incident in Borders Bookstore was a historical moment in the
history of race in Singapore. On top of this, there was this public
revelation by S R Nathan about how he chastised his Chinese sub-
ordinate for speaking in Chinese to a diplomat from China. If it is
bad for the Chinese in Singapore, it is worse for those Chinese from
China. They are seen as adding to the Chineseness in Singapore. They
are never made to feel welcomed by the non-Chinese, especially the
Indians. This is the main reason why those sportsmen and sportswomen
recruits from China are never appreciated no matter how much they
contribute to Singapore.

Seizing on the opportunity, Indian and half-Indian politicians
cunningly play up the spectre of a Chinese-dominated Singapore, the
sinicisation of Singapore. Simultaneously, they fight for the
immigration of more Indians to Singapore. They want the ICA to be more
transparent about the criteria of selection of new immigrants so that
they can help their fellow Indians to meet these criteria. First, it
was the Indian laborers. Once they are in, Indian social workers go
full-steam to fight to ensure that they are well paid, well fed and
well taken care of. Indians in the media make sure that any problem
they face is highlighted with wide publicity. Indian lawyers fight for
these Indians workers to get the most compensation for the slightest
injustice perceived. This became a vicious cycle when many Indian
workers fake injuries, even self-inflict injuries. Following the
Indian laborers come the Indian "professionals". These bring along
their whole family trees. Indians presence rapidly shoot up. But there
is no spectre of Indianisation of Singapore, not from the Indians at
least. Instead, they write about a more tolerant and open Singapore,
reminding readers that Singapore was built from immigrants from many
parts of the world.

There are many anecdotes to relate how difficult it is to get along
with Indians but I will just mention a few.
1. There was this Indian journalist recruited from the US to work in
the Straits Times. He couldn't get along with his colleagues. Perhaps
it was because he found it difficult to have to report to yellow-men.
He left and then wrote a piece about Chinese being racist in his blog.

2.There was this case of an Indian from World Vision, an international
charity organisation. Following a news about a road link which was
being built from Singapore to China, he wrote a piece about how that
would cause AIDS to spread from China to the whole of Southeast Asia.
During that time, there was a ceremony in Singapore to welcome a
convoy of cars from India, using a different road link. India was and
still is, the top of the list of nations infected with AIDS.

3. Initially, Indians us the media to discourage race-consciousness.
This is not without good reason. By race, Indian is a minority. So
they write about one-people, one humanity, race is not scientific,
etc. Now that their numbers have increased tremendously, they change
tune. The Indian Minister Balaji had openly declared that he cannot
deny that he is genetically Indian. He is going to inaugurate the
Global Indian Diaspora right here in Singapore. Yet, when an Indian
from a public institute made a survey about race-consciousness among
the various races, it turned out that Indian is the least race-

How to trust Indians?

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