Monday, May 21, 2018

Call for Goh Chok Tong to Lead the Opposition in next Election

Following PM Lee's refusal to name his successor, there are growing voice of discontent within the ruling party that the dishonourable son is desperately holding on to power with total disregard to the usual PAP's practice of grooming new leaders and phasing themselves out gradually. He is going on the path towards dictatorship even within his own party.

Some within the party are preparing for the eventuality of a split within the party, with ESM Goh Chok Tong, who had earlier advised PM Lee to name his successor but to no avail, forming his own Party to restore Singapore to it's former glory once again.

ESM Goh had suggested in a facebook post that PM Lee should settle the 4th Generation leadership team within a 6 to 9 months timeframe. But the dictator had brushed that aside, saying that the ESM is speaking “with the privilege of watching things, rather than being responsible to make it happen”. And since then (Jan 2018) nothing has happened. And in the latest reshuffle of the Cabinet, no new deputy PM is expected to be named.

With ESM leading the opposition in the next Election, there is a real possibility of the PAP being toppled, as he had more than 10 years of experience in running the govt as a Prime Minister and lead the country during it's proudest moment, in terms of achievements, both economically and socially.

People are getting tired of lies and manipulations by the incumbent who has grown arrogant, complacent and taking the people for granted. Respect for ordinary Singaporeans are at an all time low, as the ruling party struggles to accomdate the huge foreign population in the country. Jobs and education are dominated by foreigners, driving many locals to joblessness and hopelessness.

Infrastructure breakdowns, which were unheard of during ESM Goh's reign, have become a daily affair. At the same time, taxes, fares and fees were raised to unprecedented levels in spite of the huge Budget surplus, which they themselves were shocked by the size of it in this year's Budget.

Raising of GST to 9% had to be postponed as there is no more lie to tell given the huge surplus splashed across all TV screen "live" during the Budget Speech. The surplus for the year 2017 is 10 times more than the forecast. That is how mediocre our govt ministers are with their forcasting nowadays.

It is time to change, and ESM Goh is now the key to Singapore's future. He has all the credentials to make Singapore great again. We hope ESM Goh will take up this challenge for the good of the people. If a 93-year-old man across the straits can do it, a 77-year-old Goh Chok Tong should be able to do even better.

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