Sunday, May 20, 2018

Income Inequality and Social Stratification Talks: Mediocrity on Display

Quite clearly, the shocking Malaysian Election results, had jolted PM Lee out of his long slumber.

All of a sudden, his Ministers were summoned into Parliament to talk on topics that he felt guilty about, and made to speak positively and graciously about the oppositions. In fact, they sounded like apologizing to the Workers Party, for the bullying earlier on. The Parliament, which is fast turning into a white elephant, a tourist destination, and a museum, was suddenly bustling with noise from one party.

Like school boys and girls who were forced to do their homework overnight, these Ministers were seen struggling to read from prepared notes. All talking about the same theme - social stratification and income inequality - ironically, the 2 monsters created by themselves over the years.

Pinky had in the past, boasted of bringing in more billionaires into Singapore, "which will be better for Singaporeans". This "better for Singaporeans" phrase is really a irresponsible excuse to do anything he liked, because it doesn't need to be backed by any empirical numbers.

The same phrase was used when he planned to raise GST in 2006, but added that raising GST is actually to help the poor. A ridiculous and academically unacceptable argument. Naturally, it is now a worldwide laughing stock, just like many other statements he had made off-the-cuff.

The end result of all the noises made in Parliament is of course, NOTHING. Nothing other than ended up contradicting his earlier comment on Inequality (see pic below).

It was just an academic exercise for Pinky to see how well his Ministers can speak compared to his Malaysian counterparts in Pakatan Harapan, many of whom spoke with such intensity and passion, bare-handed (no notes), it was putting his millionaire Ministers to complete shame.

But by calling them to Parliament to display their verbal skills so soon after millions around the world were enthralled by the passionate Malaysian opposition winners, the comparison turned out to be an insult to Singapore for having so many overly paid and incompetent politicians in Parliament.

Speeches by Nga Chor Ming, Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin, not to mention the veterans like Rafidah Aziz & Rafizi, as compared to dull, mundane and almost predictable speeches by Lawrence Wong, Indranee, Chan CS, and the PM himself.

This is telling us that something is not right here. We are not getting our money worth from this government. We deserve many times more, if we were to use the same measuring yardstick applied to the Malaysians. Look like, it is time for a long awaited CHANGE in Singapore too, if life in Singapore is to improve.

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