Tuesday, May 22, 2018

More AfterShocks from the Budget 2018

Now you know why they need to raise the GST....

Budget 2018 is prudent and responsible? An outright lie, if one even bother to read into the balance sheet. I have a shock of my life reading how much the PAP government spent in a SINGLE year:

1) S$9.4 million on a useless puppet President (what does Halimah Yacob even need to spend on)

2) S$13 billion on Pension Funds for Ministers (considering that the pension scheme has been scrapped, why is this fund higher than the Healthcare budget)

3) 20% increase in spending to a S$182 million by the Attorney General Chambers (well done Lucien Wong)

4) S$555 million in increased spending by Defence Ministry to a record S$14.7 Defence Budget (this is 2.7 times above Malaysia's $5.3 billion Defence spending)

5) 14.7% jump in Ministry of Finance spending (the second largest year-to-year increase in all ministries, the first being Transport)

6) 2.4% reduction of Ministry of Health spending (now you have concrete proof they are lying when they said healthcare expenditures are rising over the roof)

7) S$1 billion propaganda budget for Ministry of Communications and Information

8) 95.4% increase in spending on Lee Hsien Loong's Prime Minister Office from S$414 million in FY2016 to S$809 million in FY2017

9) 52.6% increase in spending to S$13.7 billion for the Transport Ministry due to legal corruption scheme i.e. New Rail Financing Framework

10) 90.6% reduction in statutory board's contribution to tax revenue (S$4.4 billion is missing, wtf happened?!)

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