Wednesday, May 16, 2018

PM Lee Refused To Name His Replacement

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is still hesitant to hand over power and said that he is not ready to choose the next Prime Minister yet:

“I know Singaporeans are anxious to know who the next PM will be but these things take time, and cannot be forced. I do not believe we are ready to settle on a choice yet.”

The PAP dictator added that he sees “more than one qualified candidate”, and that he will announce the decision only by the next General Election which is due in 2021.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong then praised himself saying Singapore’s 3 prime ministers, his father Lee Kuan Yew, predecessor Goh Chok Tong and himself are the best of the best:

“My government and that of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong and the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, were supported by talented core teams of ministers. All three PMs were not sole leaders, but are “primus inter pares” – first among equals in Latin – with the other leaders.”

Also in his speech, the dictator sang a different tune after years of “fixing” the Opposition. Probably threatened by the Malaysia’s watershed election that saw the arrest of his friend former PM of Malaysia Najib Razak, Lee Hsien Loong poured praises for the only elected Opposition, the Workers’ Party, saying that they help the PAP become “contestable”:

“The WP plays a role in Singapore’s political system. Opposition parties keep the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) on its toes. These parties keep Singapore politics contestable. If the Government becomes incompetent or corrupt, the opposition will grow. So our system gives the PAP government… every incentive to perform, and to keep the opposition performing its role where it is, namely in the opposition.”

Lee Hsien Loong also toned down his “one-party rule” principle, and for the first time admitted that his party may lose power one day:

“However, political parties do not have a fixed lifespan. The PAP does not have a monopoly of power, (and) does not have a right to rule Singapore indefinitely. How long a political party continues in government or in opposition depends on whether it can renew itself, continue to serve the people, and continue to bring progress to the nation. If the PAP can keep on successfully doing that, we can stay in government. But if we ever fail, then we deserve to lose.”

The Singapore dictator who is hugely unpopular defended his new tax increases, calling it “leadership”:

“This does not mean that the Government will shy away from difficult problems. Governing means having to make tough choices when needed. Leadership means you have to explain, persuade, and convince people that you know what you are doing, and you are doing it for good reason. That is the way to maintain people’s trust, and trust is crucial.”

Feedbacks from Majority of Singaporeans were very negative to his this most recent bragging of himself, plus insulting and degrading of the oppositions.

Here are common feedback from readers on what the PM said:
(usernames removed to protect their freedom of speech)
  • Our government has lost its trust and does not truly care for ordinary poor Singaporeans. It is a self-defined ‘aristocratic’ and undemocratic government that is bent on continuing using FEAR and the threat of getting sued or being jailed for simply challenging its policies or any other issues that concerns us. If we continue to vote for the P&P then we DESERVE what are are getting! Do we want this continue? if not make sure we do same like PH

  • Yes, trust is crucial. Once you have lost the trust of your biological siblings, you can rest assured that the peoples' trust in you have certainly been eroded. The only thing that some still pretend to trust you is because of money politics. Who would be stupid enough to offend the pay-master who pays him / her by the millions,an amount that an ordinary person would never be able to accumulate even if he wotks and saves all his whole life-time? So, the crucial trust is actually being hung in balance over a high mountain cliff, dangling precariously in mid-air, like a hot-air balloon filled with nitrogen, waiting for the crucial time to explode. Trust takes time to build up but can be destroyed in a single moment. Once broken, trust, like porcelain, may never be the same again.

  • He cannot step down anymore by now. If you watch what happen to najib and rosmah you will understand why he cannot step down at all. He need to be remove by replacing the entire government away. This is where he has always plan in advance. In sg pm cannot be vote by the people. He uses his all to hide behind the pap party to stay safe. If you need to remove him you need the people to vote away his shell aka pap first. But sg voters are very stubborn and simple mind creatures.

  • Without his father he won't be anywhere!! Plus a useless wife that only 'Donates' billions to around the world!!

  • Please don't take the people for granted or treat them like fools. Remember that we have the People`s Power to put you in Parliament and we have the same Power to remove you at the next election. If you choose to ignore the people, you do so at your own peril.

  • He choose?? Vote him out just like wat our neighbours did, and let some other people do that job. The sun will still rise from the east even when that party is out!!
  • Pls dont step down. We want to have the satisfaction of seeing u being kick out by the voters. Thereafter, we'll spit on ur grave.

  • Good God this pinky really thinks that his father can achieve all the grreat work without the great old guards team - Dr Goh Keng Swee/ Hon Swee Sen and all -A great leader must have a great team to assist and implement .But this son thinks he is a great- nowhere near what his late father and the old guards achieved

  • PM lhl don't die early we very much wanted the new government to dig out you n HC secret where our monies disappeared.

  • Actually honestly... Untill they found the right one... I dont think he shld give up his seats. Not sure what will happen to the economy. Who is suitable honestly in his team? Other than tarman who sounds sound. .. Who actually show they have compassion and talk sense?

  • Like many other things in life, if it is important to you, you will find a way, otherwise, you will find excuses. It is obvious that lhl, being a cancer survivor and almost fainted during past NDR speech has no sincerity or urgency or both to help appoint a 4G Prime Minister despite understanding that having a prime minister elect is a very important and responsible thing to do for Singapore. Whatever his agendas, only he knows.

  • Dishonourable son have too much skeletons and disgraceful records to hide. When he retire or get voted out of power, his skeletons will be exposed and his siblings, nephews and even friends will turn against him like the cronies of Ah Jib

  • As long as GRC stays, we are in shits! Convert all constituencies to SMC, then we talk. If Malaysia Boleh, why Singapura Tidak Boleh! Answer only this question and quit all the BS completely!

  • That is worrying, cos base on history, any dynasty after the 3 great emperors will experience a downfall after them..the yuan dynasty, the Tang dynasty, ming dynasty and the Qing dynasty all share the same fate

  • "Poor chap and his team of puppies" received so many bad comments. PAP used to sue until their pants dropped. Their proud moments has gone. When comes 2021 make sure PAP returns all Singaporean a new pair of pants!!!

  • Covering his tracks.. he needs time to ensure people got nothing on him. He is Grooming the next 'Wannabe' to be a puppet.. that's for continue covering what he n his wife did. .not just money issues.. it's more than that!

  • Lky n gct charted their transitions n stepped graciously at 65 though they were in good health n the ppl were happy with their leadership. He a sick man with cancer n ppl are unhappy with his management yet wants to cling on to power. Tot he always bragged his succession plan for the 4G clowns is in place. Why still don’t want to let go. Is it something wrong somewhere? What is his agenda?

  • Pinky is withholding alot of important information from the public that could destroy him and his family something smells.

  • cant choose because u choose dummys to assist u... nobody is clever enough to lead... on clever enough to lick.. opps... i meant obey orders.... any sme director can replace any of those ministers...

  • Highly probable trying to stall for time for his son to take over. Just hope it will not materialise. Let someone else with better ideas and standing to take over would be better.

  • He suddenly need to praise GCT after what happened in Msian. I thought he was pissed off with GCT when the later said that he chose successor too slow.

  • He knows next GE pappies will be out n himself knows that there is none of his ministers qualified to becum the nxt PM....

  • what a load of bull.....i think if he hand over the PM....most likely they will lose the next election.

  • No need trouble him lah We, the people will choose in the next GE!!! He can gtfo liao

  • Come on lah.... pls don't praise highly on yourself.... just say it's hard to give up that high salary which so easily taken from a bunch of silly fools who has been supporting you all these years.... the final answer will be.... "I want to be loyal to those silly fools"

  • We are not anxious to know who is the next PM. We are anxious to know when PAP will become the next BN.

  • Truly a shameless clown.

  • Another phrase for self praise is INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE. Not forgetting overpaid in terms of remuneration....

  • did he really say that? on par with Winston Churchill? On par with Margaret Thatcher? On par with JFK? I do not think he is even on par with Dr M!

  • Best of the best. Ya right! I laughed until stomach pain. Ownself praise ownself.

  • This is how a dishonourable talk

  • He is such a joke... it isn't even funny...!

  • I think you're almost ready for God to remove you from this earth. 70% better dont think u can live in dreamland forever, even if you're unwilling to cooperate and vote this sissy prick out during the next GE there is still God's will, and even if you are a free thinker, any agnostic or atheist with common sense cannot possibly approve of loongs actions and power abuse against the people, with leaves only superstitious FOOLS, however rich they are, still bluffing themselves that loong has good policies!

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