Friday, May 11, 2018

Current Political Status Update on Singapore

Over in Singapore, the country continues to be plagued with nepotism, cronyism and legalised corruptions. Like Najib Razak, Lee Hsien Loong's wife Ho Ching is under fire for overseas investment losses using CPF funds and the national reserves. Lee Hsien Loong himself is under severe criticisms for reckless spending over billion-dollar projects like Terminal 5, and raising taxes unnecessarily. At S$2.2 million a year, the world's most expensive politician who called for the people to make sacrifices and pay more taxes, has no absolute intention to impose cost-control measures on million-dollar ministerial salaries.

Most Singaporeans were inspired by the Malaysians' successful removal of dictatorship, but many are apprehensive and sceptical if Lee Hsien Loong can be removed in the next election. The ruling party PAP is unlikely to lose power but it is almost a certain they would lose more seats to the Opposition. The previous General Election of 2015 was an one-off freak election, with the ruling party winning by huge margins due to sympathy votes from the death of Lee Kuan Yew.

Singapore voters are also displeased that Lee Hsien Loong's refusal to resign and his tardiness in choosing a successor. To further the discontentment, the likely successor, Chan Chun Sing, a former army general is seen as inexperienced, unreliable and unsuitable to lead as Singapore PM. Moreover, the new "4G" leadership is nowhere impressive due to inexperience and sheer incompetence.

He has failed to settle his on-going family saga on the Will of 38 Oxley Road, and the whole Lee Family looked broken, fragmented thanks to PM Lee's incompetence in even managing his own family affairs since the death of LKY.

Infrastructure inadequacies continue to plague the ruling party, due to "over-population", word used by PAP's own Khaw Boon Wan. Train, lift and bus breakdowns or shortages continue to surface in unexpected fashion.

With these uncertainties, the Singapore election is all the more unpredictable than Malaysia's. However, what is certain would be the fact that if the Opposition takes power, Lee Hsien Loong, his former lawyer who is now Attorney General, his Election Department and his cronies are likely to face a similar fate as Najib Razak and his gang. While if the PAP continues to rule, Lee Hsien Loong will create a "Mentor Minister" or "Emeritus Senior Minister" position for himself, just so he can pull the strings from behind the scenes.

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