Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Why We Don't Want another Prime Minister from PAP

Received this from a Friend this morning:

I don't want a new PM from the current party.
In fact,  I don't want the current ruling party to be in power again.

Because while they are in power

1. They increased water bill,  and they tax on top on water tax

2. They increased electricity bill

3. They increased medical  fees

4. They increased transport fares

5. They increased school fees

6. They increased town council fees

7. They increase petrol prices

8. They increased CPF minimum sum

9. They increased flat prices

10. They increased gas prices.

11.they also sued people who voice out.

12.They also going to have a new law under the 'fake news' pretence to stop people from speaking up

13. They start imposing all sort of requirements for blue collars.
Eg: O level English and maths to be a plumber. This was on the Chinese news paper.

14. They suspend your working  license if you don't pay medisave even though you have reach the required amount imposed by the ruling party.

15. They keep prolonging your CPF withdrawal age.

16. They implement an amount on the CPF amount you are allow to use when you are sick. When you have money in your CPF, yet you still got to fork out cash.

17. They are increasing GSTs as we speak, even though many are jobless and can't make ends meet.

18. Most of them, or infact, all of them,  live in ivory tower.
Not knowing what the people are going through everyday.

19. With people jobless, many turned to PHV but the ruling party are not allowing the drivers to deduct their operating cost off tax. All of them had to pay tax for Erps, which is another tax upon tax.

20. They told our children going to school is not important anymore. because a degree cannot guarantee you a job. Because it was cheaper to import degrees from god knows where.

I really don't want the ruling party to be in power anymore.
Or any of their 4 G whatever they call it.

They don't and they refused to comprehend the people's problems.
They said a lot,  but a lot was not done.

I don't want to end up collecting cardboards when I am 70, If I live that long ...
Because we will never stop paying, they will always have new things to make us pay.

I don't want my children becoming a third class citizen when the government encourage the children to stop studying while they import cheap degrees.

I really don't want the new 4G as my PM
I really don't want the current ruling party to be my government any more.


Aunty Debbie

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