Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mahathir Humiliates Singapore Malays

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad has issued a dire warning to the Malays about their future and urged them to reflect on their fate.

In his latest blog posting, titled 'Melayu Kemana' (Whither Malays), Mahathir, who also served as prime minister for 22 years, said he was willing to face the consequences of voicing his views on this matter.

After a lengthy history lesson ranging from the Malayan Union to the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998, the 84-year-old statesman lamented that the Malays were now separated along three political boundaries, Umno, PAS and PKR.

“With these three parties, the Malays, who were once the majority making up 60% of the population, are now broken up and divided.

“None of these parties command the support of the majority, each receiving not more than 30%. So in other words, the Malays have become the minority in this country,” he said.

Furthermore, Mahathir warned that being the minority group, the Malays would cease to be the major force if they joined mixed parties.

“They might be placed as the top leaders in the federal and state governments, but they would have to follow the directions of their friends,” he added.

The Perak and Singapore examples

Citing the collapse of the Pakatan state government in Perak, Mahathir said: “A particular race had felt as if it was a government which belonged to that race which was ousted.”

This was an obvious reference to the Chinese community as detractors had accused the state's former Pakatan menteri besar, PAS' Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin of being a DAP stooge.

Painting a bleak picture for the Malays under Pakatan's rule, Mahathir said even those holding top federal posts would have to operate under the guidance of others.

“There is a big possibility that the Malays have become a minority group and no longer possess power in their own country.

“If they feel they would be treated well even without power, they should look at the fate of the Malays who are the minority in a neigbhouring country,” he added in reference to Singapore.

Mahathir also reminded the Malays of the proverb, “united we stand, divided we fall”. “The choice is yours,” he said.

The former premier also made it clear that he was not concerned about the criticisms which his comments would court.

“I would be accused as a chauvinist and racist for this. But I am willing to be labelled anything. My intention is to remind you (the Malays) before it is too late,” he said.


  1. Dont underestimate Singapore Malays, they live in a better environment compare to Malaysia here.. If they are treaten so badly, why they are still living overthere? Please Visit Singapore and see it ur ownself.. Even their education standart are more better compare to here..

    Sometimes I wonder if these people have ever met the Malay Singaporeans or talk to them. I can say as a Malaysian Malay living and working in Singapore, I admit I have suffered discrimination for being a Malay in Singapore and yes, that doesn't feel great. Having said that - I have also never seen a Malay community I can be proud of as the Malay community in Singapore. One of which is this taxi driver of one of Singapore's biggest cab company who inspired me. He is a Malay taxi driver but he works incredibly hard and is now working with the Ministry to advise on government policies re: public transportation. He is also the official spokesman for his company. He was awarded top taxi driver by his company for 10 year straight and as a reward he was able to take his whole family overseas on holiday for every year that he received this award. Further still, all four of his children earned scholarship to study at NUS and in top universities in the UK. I have never seen a Malay so proud of his roots and where he comes from. He is a Malay taxi driver but he is at the top of his profession and proves to be an inspiration to his family and to me.

  2. My Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,
    With all due respect, please do not compare us in Malaysia against Singapore. You are only rubbing salt into an already open wound created by you and your previous administration. In this modern and globalization, its not about race anymore but whether we as Malaysians can compete with the rest of the world. Look at things globally and not internally within Malaysia.

    Much credit should be given to you for bringing Malaysia to be recognized to the rest of the world but you have also "cultured" a very negative form of corruption and bad governance of this country, so please spare us your comments and let the rakyat decide how they want this country to be run.

    Please enjoy your retirement and let the current Prime Minister run this already battered and poor country.

  3. Don't ever trust whatever Mahathir says. We have been deceived by him for decades so it is time we tell this old man to retire gracefully.

    Singapore Malays? They are the towering Malays, competing worldwide against the best. UMNO Baru Malays? Beggars! Non competitive and absolutely lazy. Even Singapore Malays want to disassociate themselves from UMNO Baru Malays. That is for you Mahathri, incase you do not know or are already senile. Shame on you dirty old man for your self fish interest.

    This old man is really senile. The Malays in Singapore are a minority. The Malays in Malasia are a majority. How can the Malaysian Malays become a minority when first they are a majority and their fertility rate is also double that of the Chinese. Really brainless statement.

    Instead of talking all these nonsense. Can he ever ask when we will be better than Singapore economically and globally? All these nonsense talk about which race is doing better and what not is not helping Malaysia to grow. It is breaking us up as Malaysian. Really disappointed of this ex leader of ours.

    Hardship of people is no distinguish by race, everybody is affected. Hardship of people is caused by corrupted, racist, narrow minded and shameless leader. Those try to impose GST tax and remove social subsidies when '''rakyat" still struggle with their cost of living.

    Mahathir, u should fight for this which is our fundamental of living, without this, it is meaningless to talk about your "ketuanan melayu". People is no naive as before.