Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quan Yi Feng is Back to Her Nasty Old Habits

This is what Quan Yi Feng did to the taxi.....

According to reports, a taxi driver blamed Singapore television host/actress Quan Yi Feng for verbally abusing him and involved in fights with him on Sunday. The 52-years-old taxi driver, Mr. Tan claimed that Yi Feng wrecked his taxi and beat him in front of crowd. The taxi driver also accused her of not only thrashing the car and beating him but also held responsible for forcefully taking the taxi car keys with her and locking him up in the taxi.

On the other hand, Quan currently spoke from Mauritius, where she is busy in her new project denied all the allegations and accusations and in return stated that the taxi driver was bad-mannered, drove carelessly and even slammed a car door on her. The taxi driver on the other hand also told the press that Quan has locked him inside the car for 15-minutes and pushed him forward on the road with a crowd watching. The Wanbao said police have charged Quan for theft of the taxi keys. Now the case is reportedly being transferred to the police and Quan has to seek a legal advice or compensate the driver over the issue.

In 1996, the 36-years television host was once fined of $1,000 for having a dispute with a bowling path attendant. Quan recently split from her husband after 10 years with the actor Peter Yu. Quan finally asked for the divorced which was finalized on Jan 3, 2009. The couple has a nine-years-old daughter which will be shared under the custody of both the father and mother.

Quan is seen here hailing for another taxi after the commotion...
MEDIACORP host Quan Yifeng spoke to police for 6 hours on Friday over her alleged 'act of aggression' with a ComfortDelGro taxi driver.

Ms Quan was seen arriving at Bedok Police Division Headquarters at 3.45pm, several days after she made headlines for a dispute with the driver, identified only as Mr Chan.

She left close to 10pm, and declined to say why she had spent so long in the police station. Ms Quan, 35, has hired criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan to represent her.

In a statement on Tuesday, ComfortDelGro said Mr Chan was physically attacked by the television host. According to the statement, the fare meter was ripped out during the altercation,

In a Wanbao report, Mr Chan was quoted as saying that the star lost her temper after he did not help her load her luggage into his taxi and asked 'what sort of service attitude is this?'. He claimed Ms Quan also swore at him in Hokkien, kicked him in the groin and locked herself in the taxi for 15 minutes.

Ms Quan denied his allegations and hit back by saying that he was rude, drove recklessly. She also claimed that Mr Chan slammed the taxi door on her, hitting her on the back and leg.

Police said they are investigating the incident.

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