Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Orchard Road Flood......God's Wrath?

On Jun 17, 8:37 am, zero wrote:
> I talked to a Singaporean friend about the flood in Orchard Road and
> since he is a "devout" christian, he said the flood "is God's way of
> cleansing materialism out of Singapore", and he blamed the two casinos
> for invoking God's Wrath.

> According to him, Singapore has become some sort of Sodom and Gomorrah
> of the East.

> Next, I asked him about the 50 year flood in Bukit Timah Road which
> happened right in front of LKY and GCT home residence. Is this God's way
> of punishing the ruling PAP party or Singapore?

From: Frankie Lee
**Your type of understanding and analysis sort of reminding me about
those obnoxious nuts which I encountered during my younger days.Many
of those Straight As student were constantly being bombarded by would-
be drop outs and Ah Beng,since they were loud mouth,crude and rude and
vulgar,so the decent and righteous student had to be silent for good.

After decades went by did I realised,if those smart kids were to teach
those fools some lessons,wouldn't those Ah Beng became clever,gain
experience and excel well in class?Doing away one competitor is
better,isn't it?

I help others to become multi-millionaires,and myself remain poor.
If I tell you such stories would you believe in me?They say,if you are
smart,then try out yourself,and don't talk rocks here.
So I did.

Now,at which stage would you think business-people give me more
confidence to my theories?

Now, about Orchard Rd.The flood in Orchard Rd is due to the
incompetent engineers,who was paid so much but do so little.We are in
the 21st century,and would you believe me if I tell you we have third
world mentality in Orchard Rd?

Somebody and someone living in Istana don't bother,or civil servants
are lazy.Now which part you don't understand which you require
invoking of God?

A simple and minor incidenrts such as Orchard flood would require
someone to enter into extra-revelations and toured the whole Heavens
to question the Creator,why don't ask LHL?


Heavy rains prompted flooding at the Orchard Road,practically turning the entire place like a body of water.

The SCDF is conducting rescue operation to help people who are trapped in their vehicles.

Cars along the road are stalled as engines refuse to start as the water rises.

A spokesperson for the SCDF said:

“At the junction of Orchard Road/Paterson Road, the SCDF dispatched two fire engines and assisted about 60 passengers from 2 SBS Transit double-decker buses and about ten people from six cars stranded in their vehicles to safety.

“In some cases, SCDF personnel had to carry children out of the vehicles. None were injured.”

The SCDF also rendered assistance at several other locations.

Orchard Road has been considered as Singapore’s number one Shopping distict as streams of new built malls are situated here.

Surely, the flood is not good for business.Fortunately,no injuries have been reported as of this moment.

Insurance claims from Orchard Road flood estimated to be at least S$6m
By Julie Quek, Janice Teo | Posted: 17 June 2010 2230 hrs

SINGAPORE: The insurance claims from Wednesday's Orchard Road flood is estimated to amount to at least S$6 million for now and will likely increase when more cases are filed.

Insurance companies expect the claims to come mainly from businesses which are equipment intensive or are located at the basement of buildings.

The flood in Orchard caused shopkeepers many problems but now, the problems are flowing over to insurance companies.

Firms like NTUC Income are expecting a number of claims from businesses which suffered losses.

And insurance companies would have to compensate for damages filed under "works of nature".

But experts have a tip for shop owners.

Pui Phusangmook, senior vice president & general manager, General Insurance, NTUC Income, said: "They should also consider buying the policy that covers flood. On top of that, they could have a choice of whether the cover of what we call "business interruption". To cover the period where they have to close down and they may lose income during that period.

And a possible loss of income is what American restaurant, Wendy's, might have to deal with.

It's expected to close for up to six weeks and it'll incur over S$500,000 worth of damages to its equipment and infrastructure.

Despite the flood of insurance claims expected, experts don't believe this will increase premiums across the board.

Derek Teo, president, General Insurance Association of Singapore, said: “Unfortunately we have two events here within the last seven months and these could trigger some kind of premium increases in areas that are prone to floods. For example, if the location at risk is within the Bukit Timah area or in the case of what happened yesterday, chances are that you might pay an increase. But even if there is an increase, it’s not going to be very significant.”

Observers believe that most of the shops affected in Orchard would likely have adequate insurance coverage. CNA
Or are we preparing for this to be staged at Orchard Road...?


  1. A bad omen for the PAP in the coming elections....Watch out, votes are getting slippery....

  2. 人類最大的悲劇不是死亡,而是沒有掌握有意義的人生......................................................................

  3. If this is a once in 50 years thingie, I dread to think those 1-in-100years, and 1-in-1000years incidence happening tomorrow.