Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indonesian Celebrity Sex Scandal Caused Internet Traffic Jam

Actor Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya in Lux Ads in Jakarta

Actress Cut Tari

Messages of Support Flood in for ‘Peterporn’

Hundreds of messages of support have flooded in for Peterpan frontman Ariel in the wake of the developing sex tapes scandal involving at least two celebrity starlets.

The messages come as the term Peterporn, used to describe Ariel, is the most popular for word on Twitter, an International social networking site.

Though Ariel does not have a listed Facebook profile and his twitter account is inactive, hundreds of fans — and a sprinkling of critics — have posted messages on Facebook’s Official Peterpan Band site.

One fan, identified as Mahesa Wonk, advised Ariel — who has not commented publicly on the videos that also allegedly feature model Cut Tari and his current girlfriend, Maya Luna, — to “keep going.”

“Nobody’s perfect, don’t worry about the video and keep on making music,” he wrote.

Linda Wardani said the videos were possibly leaked by people who were jealous of Ariel and his friends’ careers.

Rini Riyadi asked Ariel to clear the air by holding a news conference.

“Ariel, please hold a news conference. If you’re right, please talk to the media. Don’t run or hide, don’t let it develop into something uglier. I am so sad because there’s a new video and the man looks so much like you, Riel,” Rini wrote.

Not all comments were supportive and others were angry.

“Anyone who still supports Ariel means he or she also supports adultery, you’re all pro-adulterers, aren’t you? Luna, I thought your love [for Ariel] would end up in a marriage but it only ended up in an adultery in a seedy motel room. F**k for Ariel,” wrote Syech Puji, who has a poor grasp of the definition of adultery.

Sex between two consenting adults, including between men, is not illegal in Indonesia.

One commentator on the Jakarta Globe Facebook Web site was left wondering if Ariel’s private video collection had been stolen, while another said he’d heard that 34 other videos were in existence.

“Ariel is the successor of Edison Chen, I guess hahahaha... Rock on, dude!” wrote Globe Facebook fan Nino Chandra, in reference to the Hong Kong actor whose career folded after pornographic photographs and videos with himself and a Chinese celebrities Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung were leaked to the Internet in 2008.

Jakarta Police, meanwhile, say they are focusing their investigations on finding the people who published the graphic sex tapes on the Web and charging them under the Electronic Information and Transaction Law.

“We will investigate whether the video was leaked by other people or the people in the video themselves,” Jakarta Police Spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar told, adding that the police would not summon Ariel and Luna until they had finished investigating how the tape was leaked publicly.
Indonesian celebrities in online sex video scandal
By Channel NewsAsia's Indonesia bureau chief Sujadi Siswo
Indonesian celebrities in online sex video scandal

JAKARTA : Indonesia is in the grips of a sex video scandal involving some of the country's top celebrities.

The clips allegedly involve Ariel - the vocalist from popular band Peterpan - and Luna Maya - a top actress and presenter.

The two videos - which are about eight minutes long - were posted online on Facebook.

Another clip allegedly features Ariel and another television presenter Cut Tari.

All the videos have been removed from the social networking website but not before they were downloaded and spread through the Internet.

All three celebrities deny the videos are of them.

But several media experts say the people in the clips do resemble the celebrities.

Unilever Indonesia has stopped airing a television soap commercial featuring Ariel and Luna Maya.

Indonesian police are investigating.

This is not the first time sex videos of prominent Indonesian personalities have been posted on the Internet.

But so far no arrests have been made. - CNA/jy


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