Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goh Chok Tong's World Cup 2010 Empty Promise

From: Superbee
Subject: Re: Singapore to play in World Cup in 2010

During the 1998 National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Goh Chok
Tong after watching the French victory in 1998 World Cup said he was
inspired by a group of players led by Zinedine Zidane who is of
Algerian extraction. He further commented:

"Look at the French World Cup football team. In the final against
Brazil, I picked Zidane as the most outstanding French player. He is
of Algerian descent. Of the 22-players, more than half did not look
"French". They looked Argentinian, Armenian, Basque, Caribbean,
Ghanaian, New Caledonian. Some were born in France, but of immigrant
parents. Others are first generation French citizens. When they went
up to receive their medals, President Chirac embraced all of them as
Frenchmen. He sent a strong political signal for multi-racialism and
against xenophobia: that in France, so long as you contribute to the
French cause, it does not matter what colour your skin is or where you
were born.

Last year I told you Singapore would never have a chance in the World
Cup, because the rules require all players to be citizens. But after
watching the French victory, I have changed my mind. Maybe if we
change our immigration criteria to bring in top football talent and
make them citizens, then one day we too can get into the finals. In
fact we intend to do just this, to bring in sports talent."

By 2006, even with the Foreign Talent Scheme in place, the World Cup
goal had been abandoned.

By 2010, Singapore is nowhere near that goal after spending a lot of
money. However, the Table Tennis foreign talent scheme had worked to
secured a World Championship for Singapore.

For Singapore, perhaps better to start with small ball better than big
ball. Ladies' hand better than men's foot. Maybe the next goal is
2020, Singapore will bring the World Cup home ... by the ladies
again, .... men just dream on!

On Jun 9, 8:26 pm, "Grandprix" wrote:

> Does anybody remember our ex-PM declaring that Singapore would play in the
> 2010 World Cup?

> Two more days and why are players still in Singapore and drinking teh tarik
> at kopi-tiam????

> Singapore can do; see our women's paddlers!! Singapore can. Still got time
> to go to South Africa. We can beat Brazil or the best of Europe! Let's go!


  1. 堂堂中華大地13.9008億人口 就找不出11個人來踢世界杯,你說新加坡有可能嗎?

  2. Get your players to play in established foreign leagues and improve the S-league not the ass-league to stand even a chance , and dont compare dont need kiasu kiasoism