Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SMRT Malaysian CEO say passenger numbers are acceptable

SMRT again failed to address commuters' daily concerns. Is this a world class transport system or a woe class transport network?

IN SUNDAY'S report ('SMRT: Tighter security will not mean higher fare'), SMRT chief executive officer and president Saw Phaik Hwa's response to the question of overcrowding in trains was unhelpful in bridging the gap between commuter perception and SMRT's stance.

Commuters complain that trains are overcrowded, but Ms Saw is sticking to SMRT's oft-stated view that passenger numbers are acceptable.

If both sides stick to their positions, then there will always be disagreement.
The fact is that there are many stations where passengers are unable to board the trains at all during peak hours.

It is not a matter of choice, as Ms Saw states, but whether commuters can fit in without the train doors closing on their faces.
From my experience, having to give three to four packed trains a miss during peak hours before finally being able to board one is common.
The situation at other stations towards the city are similar. The question Ms Saw should reflect on is whether the situation is acceptable regardless of train load figures.

If we collectively decide that it is, the matter ends there. But if commuters keep pleading that SMRT's train load figures do not reflect that inconvenience to commuters, we should find a solution to the problem together.
I would hesitate to cite passenger load figures in other cities to justify SMRT's train load figures and attempt to close the matter.
There may well be differences which render the analogy incorrect.

Chia Ser Huei


  1. McQiBai

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    while we are running around in the jungles, there funking Malaysians are happily establishing themselves firmly in the corporate world, when we leave the army 2.5 years later, spend 2 months looking for job and end up being suppressed by these foreigners who are there first before us.

    I suggest lee kuan yew to scrap national service, i don't mind being a malaysian or a british colony citizen. Any way my salary is still the same

  2. Very soon citizens here, become disillusioned and restless, after serving 2 years of military service and 10 years of reservist service, only to find themselves being sidelined for jobs, for promotions and for higher education....

  3. During peak hours, the trains are really packed to the brim. Off peak, you will have space to enter the trains - but only standing room, no seats available. The fucking ministers got chaffeured to work everyday.

  4. You guys should have gone to Yishun MRT to experience the most advanced station crowding system in the world.

    2 or 3 fully loaded trains were emptied out into the stations for the next train to pick up. And the next train was also full.

    I can't believe the stupidity involved in the planning here. Clearly, these poor passengers staying in Sembawang, Admiralty and Woodlands were made to miss several trains in the sweltering heat and packed environment before they can reach home.

    I will be very surprise if these daily suffering commuters still cast their votes for the PAP. That would be idiotic and they probably deserved what they are getting, if they do.