Friday, June 11, 2010

Why the Singapore Media are rude

Below is an article posted at the online version of the The Straits Times. It talks about why foreigners perceive Singaporeans as getting ruder.

Ironically, the rudest statement in the whole article is not the article itself, or the comments that follow, but the warning message given by the ST website which reads, "Any user who posts offensive or irrelevant comments will be banned from this Discussion Board."

I have never seen such a rude warning in any discussion board, not even in the notorious newsgroups like Soc.Culture.Singapore.

Jun 11, 2010
Are Singaporeans rude?

IT WAS an article that sparked a war of words online and on the streets. Since appearing on the Internet on May 31, Australian journalist Tamara Thiessen's article, 'Singaporeans asked to chew on their manners' for the Sydney Morning Herald has started a wave of controversy in Singapore.

With criticisms like 'no good manners', lack of initiative to care', 'no civic awareness' and 'behaviour-regulating campaigns', many netizens have lashed out with angry comments, saying that the 'reporter was too harsh 'and that it was a 'hypocritical piece' with 'sweeping statements'. Is there any truth to her remarks? -- RACHEL SCULLY & AMANDA WONG

Latest comments
How do you define a Singaporean? Are all the foreigners living here Singaporeans?

From my personal observation, less than half of the people working or living here are born in this country.

Even in the block where I live, it seems that half the families living there are foreigners.

Posted by: WorldCup2010 at Sat Jun 12 23:04:06 SGT 2010
I find that I receive far better service, when I make it a point to thank the waiter/waitress, or salesperson who brings me my food/drink or shirt/shoes, that I requested for. It's a no brainer - kindness begets kindness. Show appreciation towards the one serving you, & he/she will be willing to go teh extra mile for you.
Posted by: Eagle_2OO4 at Sat Jun 12 22:55:05 SGT 2010

They behave differently to strangers, service people etc cos there's no reason to be polite and civic. I believe it boils down to upbringing and personal values. For a start, if parents have no manners, monkey see, monkey do.
Posted by: JoJo2008 at Sat Jun 12 21:18:54 SGT 2010

[ I have found over the past few years that people here have become ruder. Would this be due to our obsession with material wealth? ]

I doubt it's about obsession with material wealth. We have lots of "nice people" who are only nice to other cos they want others to believe they're nice. .

Warning: Any user who posts offensive or irrelevant comments will be banned from this Discussion Board.

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