Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Foreign Talents Committing Heinous Crimes all over Singapore

Michael Garing

There are of course numerous petty crimes gone unreported. The once peaceful and safe haven called Singapore is going, going and gone. Less people will be walking on the streets alone from now on.

A Malaysian man from Sarawak was charged Tuesday with the murder of a construction worker in Singapore while two others were accused of gang robbery.

No plea was taken from Michael Garing, 22, a general worker who allegedly committed the murder of Indian national Shanmuganathan Dillidurai, 41, with three others at an open field along Kallang Road on Sunday.

In the same court, Sylvester Barogok, 26, and Shahman Milak, 21, both also from Sarawak, were charged with committing gang robbery of a mobile phone, cash of $32, a work permit card and an ez-link card from Raja Kana Kazi under an overhead bridge Friday evening.

The duo were allegedly with Micheal, Hairee Landak, 19, Tony Imba, 31, and Donny Meluda, 19, one or more of whom were armed with a parang.

All three were remanded at Singapore's central police division lock-up for further investigation.

If convicted of murder, Micheal faces the death penalty. The maximum punishment for gang robbery is a jail term of five to 20 years and not less than 12 strokes of the cane.
Beware! More foreign criminal elements are coming to Singapore!
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From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: Foreigners making Singapore unsafe ?

> This is strange...

> When the PAP govt are telling Singaporean to accept more foreigners for
> "the good of Singapore", foreigners seems to be committing more crime
> lately.

> Several months ago, I laughed when an article written by one ST writer
> claiming the perception of foreigners making Singapore "unsafe" is not
> true. So, how can one explain the recent spate of crime committed by
> foreigners lately ?

That writer seems out of experience with the reality of life. when
Singapore was viewed by foreigners as a safe city, it creates the
opportunity for them to produce unsafe activities from businesses to
robbing, and violence attacks. (as seen lately in the news)

THe spate of these kinds of crime by them became the cornerstones for
the foreigners to move to Singapore.

A few years, a visitor from India wrote in the forum page saying that
during his few visits to Singapore, he was curious when he was walking
in Singapore that he saw no policemen around in sight.

Although this was no exactly what he said, he was referring that no
police patrol was in sight on most times he moved and saw around of

I believe this might have seemed obvious to him that our policemen is
only available "on-a-on-call-basis" only when crimes had already been

He said this was far in contrast and comparison with India, which he
came from, that there are lots of policemen around looking at you,
manning street corners - all in the name of preventing crimes.

It seemed to me he was referring that in India there are lots of
"loitering" policemen around, who were to get up each morning and then
walk these street corners to "see and be seen" and to "watch and be
watched" in order to impress or create a safe environment.

His revelation of Singapore in the forum page may have been well
published and may even repeatedly recirculated by other foreign
newspapers and Tv media in India and other third world countries.

That probably had manifested many foreigners, mainly from third world
countries, to come to Singapore for their thrist of crimes and for
their sprees of crimes. This was indeed the fault of our beloved
leaders for their crimes of it.


  1. Look at the stats, and you will find that your 'foreign talent' forefathers were guilty of far more. Stop vilifying foreigners for doing that which was a career for many of your forefathers - though not all. But I suppose its natural for a people to take racism as natural to move on to xenophobia. Pathetic mate. Real pathetic.

  2. Well said, ed.