Anti-suicide barricade

"AleXX" wrote in message


> SMRT has began installing barriers along some elevated MRT station to
> prevent potential "bad-economic" suicide jumpers from committing suicide.
> The dictatorial Papist government should consider barricading all common
> corridors of high rise HDB flats also.

Yes...we have to put up barricades so that
these peasants cannot run away from their duty
to allow us to SQUEEZE them to death.

How dare they try to die before we give
them permission to and before we SUCK all
their CPF and other resources. These useless
peasants should stick it out and populate our
expensive hospitals so that our kaki nang doctors
can SQUEEZE their CPF accounts or their
childrens accounts.

Yes...nobody is allowed to escape from being
a SLAVE to us, the elites. From serving NS,
to working like SHIT to pay for their "subsidized"
flats....they should obediently do things to enrich
us and our kaki nangs.

So you peasants out there.....NO SUICIDE
for you until you served us and let US make
you die...ok.

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