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Resorts World at Sentosa

> Resorts World at Sentosa wishes everyone a Happy Halloween... and
> looks forward to next year when we are finally open so we can have
> spookfests and mad parties here! P.S. We are on track for opening in
> early 2010.

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Temptation island
27/10/2009 00:10:00 Natalie Leung, MacauTimes
I’m already eyeing at the upcoming Universal Studios Singapore in the
Sentosa island resort, which is going to be the first movie theme park
in Southeast Asia and the second one is Asia.

Don’t blame me please, you know Macau lacks impressive entertainment
and leisure facilities, don’t you? (For me, well, casinos don’t
Resorts World at Sentosa positions itself as a world-class family
resort set to open in early 2010. Visitors will not only find the
famous American movie theme park there, but also the world’s largest
oceanarium in the Marine Life Park; a thrilling water slide, water
cannons and a surf pool in Equarius Water Park; a huge 360-degree
multimedia theatre in the Maritime Xperiential Museum; a half
kilometre strip “FestiveWalk” that will offer 24/7 dining, shopping,
clubbing, shows and television productions; as well as a resident
theatre show “Le Vie” which will be delivered through powerful music,
dazzling stage sets and splendid costumes.
Some of these attractions do look a bit familiar, right? But they are
not quite the same.

In Macau, what we have to offer are casinos, casinos and casinos.
True, Macau is also known by its prestigious World Heritage sites and
unique cuisines. But what’s more?

What Macau has at this moment which are similar to the nature of the
new Sentosa attractions are City of Dreams’ three-dimensional
production in its iconic dome-shaped theatre, the resident show by
Cirque du Soleil, or perhaps all those luxury shopping malls where you
barely see someone spending money most of the time. If you can name
something else, please tell me.

The Hong Kong media are already warning Donald Tsang Yam Kuen’s
government that the opening of Universal Studios in its main
competitor Singapore will pose an immediate threat to Hong Kong’s
tourism industry and hence the economy.

Amongst the 24 rides and attractions including a pair of dueling
roller coasters, 18 have been created or redesigned specially for
Singapore. The theme park will consist of seven themed zones, of which
two are named “Far Far Away” and “Madagascar” respectively based on
the computer-animated movies Shrek and Madagascar.

Only by looking at these descriptions I absolutely can’ wait for the
opening of Resorts World Sentosa. I guess most of the readers, no
matter how old you are, by now should have said the same thing in your
mind - “I want to go, I want to go!!!”

If Hong Kong needs to be worried about the competition to be brought
by Sentosa, I would say Macau is in an even more vulnerable position.
At least in Hong Kong there are Ocean Parks and Disneyland, amongst
other attractions. In contrast to Macau, I can see nothing
particularly appealing or exciting.
Our officials say the experiences tourists can find in Macau are
unique and so the territory is still able to attract people from
outside. But after all these years when tourists have seen and tasted
the same things over and over again, I can’t see why they won’t be
tempted by the brand new attractions in a neighbouring country.
Some gaming operators have been saying how they wanted to make their
properties become an integrated resort for families, but so far what
we can see is basically large casinos plus luxury brand stores plus
food courts/restaurants plus (too) many hotels yet limited

The Macau government really needs to accelerate the pace and create
something which will truly astonish tourists and also local residents.
Or else they might very soon find their visitors and citizens having a
sun bath (and great fun) in Sentosa whenever holidays come.

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