Malay barbers in Singapore earned tons of money

From: "Darian"
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 15:45:32 -0700
Local: Sun, Oct 25 2009 6:45 am
Subject: Re: Malay barbers in Singapore earned tons of money

Can the tax auditors (collectors) just sit in the waiting room and observe
how many customers had their hair cuts in a day? Also, are these barbers
working 30 days a week, or much less? Are you sure these barbers spent only
10 minutes per head? Barbers get work related injuries because of repeated
movements with their fingers and hands. Don't you feel sorry for these
I can understand why you would report these barbers in Afganistan, but in
Singapore, why? How do you know they don't pay their taxes?

"Zainal Hisham" wrote in message

> Tax department of Singapore, please take note and make sure these barbers
> pay their tax correctly. In the mean time can you forward the name of
> which barber and in which shop, corner or place and for the Tax
> department?

> "Dalai Sim" <.................@...............> wrote in message

>> This barber works 8 hours a day. It took him about 8 to 10 minutes to
>> work on one customer. In one hour he attended to 6 customers and he gets
>> $54 per hour after charging each $9 for it. In 8 hours he earns $432. In
>> one month he earned about 30 x $432 or $12,960.00 In one year he would
>> have earned $155,520. In ten years, he would be a multi-millionaire.
>> Guys, throw away your books, throw away your studies and better to become
>> a barber.

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  1. hey...u oredi do the why wait.
    ppl always see the figure but not the hardwork and responsibility they have to shoulder.
    Work as barber earn more oso kena complain. Work as property agent earn more oso kena complain...sell house buy house oso kena complain..after tat levy here levy there.