S'reans pls don't take your frustrations and angers at foreigners

From: "truth"
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 03:20:29 GMT
Local: Tues, Oct 13 2009 11:20 am
Subject: Singaporeans pls don't take your frustrations and angers at foreigners

Singapore now has a huge proportion of foreigners. These people
come to Singapore because of the papist leegime policies encouraging
them to come to Singapore. If the papist leegime had not pursue
policies which welcome foreigners with open arms and legs, then
these people will not be in Singapore.

Yes foreingers are causing plenty of hardships to Singaporeans by
way of forcing them to compete for everything. So naturally Singaporeans
are frustrated and angry when their pleas to the papist leegime to
slow down were met with even more policies to attract foreigners. Warning
that such polices are hurting and end in disaster have gone unheeded.
Now Singaporeans are taking out their frustrations and angers on

I urge Singaporeans not to take out on these foreigners. It is not their

Singaporeans should concentrate their angers and frustrations on the papist
leegime. The papist leegime is the root cause of their miseries. Take your
revenge on the papist leegime in the next GE which I forsee in 2010.

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