Panasonic Plant in Bedok have all Filipino personels?

From: "AleXX"
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 22:57:21 +0800
Local: Sat, Oct 3 2009 10:57 pm
Subject: Shockingly, the whole Panasonic Plant in Bedok have all Filipino personels?

Originally Posted by ProSingapore
Iceman V

I know what you are referring to.

but I think we need a climate of bruders helping bruders as well.
These FT come in and begin hiring their own. Would we do the same for our
fellow countrymen? No, we are conditioned to think in terms of meritocracy.
Do FTs practice this? NO

This has already happened and it is still happening.

Take Panasonic at Bedok for example. The entire plant is Filipino. From
engineers to management. Gahment said FTs come in to do expat jobs or
low-level jobs that most Singaporeans won't want to do.

Gahment, I beg your pardon. Jobs in Panasonic, Singaporeans won't want to
do? At least it has decent jobs with decent pay and many Singaporeans who
are jobless will do.
You are letting them MONOPOLIZING the Panasonic- Singapore office invested
hiring their own nationals.

Another example is Seagate at Woodlands. The whole office from top to bottom
are Malaysians!!!!

More example - Statschippac at Yishun is run by the MD of Statschippac Malaysia.
Even their COO is a Malaysian. Half the plant is Malaysian.

Gahment, you are really so nice to FTs, but least on your people.
So when your people go jobless, how are they going to pay for their CPF,
housing loan, childcare and utility?
You pay for them?

So our wise gahment, you want Singaporeans to be the lowest class in

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