NS is bad for your career and future

From: "Observer"
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 06:26:55 +0800
Local: Fri, Oct 9 2009 6:26 am
Subject: Re: NS is bad for your career and future

"truth" wrote in message

> This is a fact. NS is bad for career and future. In today's
> shorten career and business cycles, the 2.5 years doing NS is a major
> setback. By the time u enter the job market, people of your age
> who don't have to do NS could well earned enough experiences
> to become your superior. Employers facing tough competitions
> cannot afford the luxury of your 13 years of reservist training
> disruption of a month for each year. Naturally they will rather
> employ people without such obligations.
> For all your sacrifices, the papist leegime is doing nothing to help
> you established yourself and grow your career and future. U r left
> to the full blast of the free market with a handicap around your neck.
> Such is the miserable lot of born in Singapore male that many parents
> are migrating with their young sons to escape this future hardship.
> The papist leegime is making matters worst by refusing to impose
> the same obligations on females native Singaporeans and PRs.

What took you so long to realise all the above ah?
Of course we made use of you "patriotic" suckers
lar...we tell you to defend your "homeland"....your
"country"....but of course actually you are defending
US, and our beloved kaki nangs who, at a moment's
notice have an airplane ready to scoot out of stinkapoor
at the first sign of trouble.

Remember those vietnamese boat people?
Those are actually the RICH ones who carried with
them GOLD so that they will be accepted to other
countries whilst its the POOR that got stuck back
when the commies took over.

So same philosophy here lar....whilst you poor
dumbass struggle to "fight" for your "country"....we
are getting our loot ready so that we can run
away to other luxurious hiding places in case of
war....and of course after the war, we will return
to claim back our high places and claim that we
"ran" away to "help" you lar...

So please continue to be patriotic and sing all
those anthems, songs etc...designed to make
you even stupider....thinking that the country
in "yours" ok....and that you defending your
motherland...but in reality, you are defending
OUR way of life....so that we can keep on SUCKING

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