Motoring Exchange Topless Car wash China Girl Expelled from Singapore

Singapore topless car wash event

According to "Lianhe Zaobao" newspaper of Singapore, a 19-year-old China girl performing topless car wash in their extracurricular activities, has been expelled from the private school she is studying in.

It is reported that early in October, Singapore car websites Motoring-Exchange engaged in gimmicks, invited 20 members to bring a partner to attend the topless car wash activities in the east of the country in an abandoned warehouse to have their cars washed by four sexy top-less beautiful girls, while washing they will strip, the finally top-less, but members can only watch, their hands not allowed to touch the girls. After the event organizers also put pics of these top-less models into the Internet through their company website to enable registered members to view. The consequence is, one of the model was discovered by her school through these online photographs, to have violated school rules, and was to sacked from the school. One of the model even admit that she is under-age, she is only 16 years old.

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