MPs jumped to defend PR foreigners

From: "truth"
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 02:42:29 GMT
Local: Tues, Oct 6 2009 10:42 am
Subject: pap mps more eager to defend foreingers than Singaporeans

PAP MPs jumped to the defence of Singapore "quitter PR" Zhang Yuanyuan
October 6, 2009 From our Correspondent

Three PAP MPs have spontaneously jumped to the defence of Singapore PR Zhang
Yuanyuan, who stirred a storm in cyberspace by proclaiming her allegiance to
China publicly on Chinese TV channel CCTV!

When interviewed by the state media, the PAP MPs urged netizens not to
"extreme" in their reactions as Zhang did nothing wrong from an objective
point of view since she is only a Singapore PR.

Dr Lim Wee Kiat, Sembawang GRC:

"Singapore netizens need not be too appalled because Zhang Yuanyuan is only
a Singapore PR and she still retains her China passport. Hence, her
motherland is still China. As a matter of fact, some Singaporeans are also
PRs of other countries and they frequently return to Singapore, so are they
going to be condemned by these countries too?"

Josephine Teo, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC:

"I can understand the sentiments who are worried that foreigners may use
Singapore as a 'jumping board'. However, in this instance, Zhang Yuanyuan is
actually 'jumping' back to her homeland and the possible reason is that she
may have little feeling to Singapore after staying here all these years. As
Singapore is an "open" city, such examples will happen from time to time.
Perhaps we should work harder on this aspect to encourage foreigners to
integrate into our society."

Baey Yam Keng, Tanjong Pagar GRC:

"As Zhang Yuanyuan grew up in China, she may miss her family and friends
back home. Similarly, there are many Singaporeans living overseas who still
regard Singapore as their homeland and will return eventually."

It appears that the three PAP MPs still do not realize the crux of the
issue: that netizens are not really angry with Zhang Yuanyuan for regarding
China as her motherland but peeved with the Singapore government for its
liberal open-door immigration policy.

Zhang Yuanyuan is not the only foreigner or PR who has turned her back on
Singapore. There are many others who come here on government scholarships or
grants and leave after earning a quick buck or worse, by making a hefty
profit from sale of HDB flats.

It is disappointing that the MPs, who are supposedly close to the
grassroots, are unable to grasp the real concerns of Singaporeans and make
no comments on the government's immigration policy.

Are we importing too many foreigners at too fast a rate that we cannot
integrate them into our society without causing social tension? Are we
getting the real first world talents or the second class leftovers who
cannot make it in their native countries? Most importantly, is the economic
pie big enough to be shared among the citizens and the newcomers?

It is understandable that the PAP MPs are reticent on the matter out of fear
of jeopardizing their political careers, but what about the three opposition

Zhang Yuanyuan is definitely not an isolated case. Mass importing foreigners
without providing them with a conducive environment to settle down will not
solve the problem. Neither will throwing away taxpayers' monies to help them
"integrate" help much.

Foreigners and PRs need only take a look at how Singaporeans are being
treated as second class citizens by the ruling party to realize that they
are better off in their homeland.

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