Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chan Chun Sing Wants Code-of-Conduct For Internet Flamers

Chan Chun Sing wrote this in his Facebook page:
Looking for ideas to promote responsible code of conduct for internet usage. Should new media be subject to same standards as conventional media? Is it possible to execute even? If not, how can we preserve the sanctity of new media as a trusted platform for collaboration/sharing?
Some interesting responses from various sources:

Jason Tan: The first forum to be REMOVED is Hardware Zone forums. It is the birth of FLAMERS. If they can't get it moderated, it is high time the forum be SHUT DOWN permanently to stop the breeding of more younger flamers.

Michael Tan: Allow me, ladies, gentlemen and Mr. Chan, to make an assumption. I assume that Mr. Chan is wondering how information on the internet from the other political parties can be curbed and regulated so that it results in presenting the PAP in a better light and subsequently win them more supporters over. As this is only an assumption. I wait for Mr. Chan to state his true intent so that we know whether this assumption can be consigned to the dustbin of history or kept on a life support system.

Kai Herng Loh: This is a horrible idea. In the first place, the "standards" conventional media are subjected to is a disgrace to Singapore, placing us near countries like Afghanistan in terms of press freedom. If this is to be opened as a topic for discussion, what should be discuss is how to ensure greater diversity in the mainstream media and increased press freedom, instead of trying to clamp down on online activity. Singaporeans have high expectations for you as a Minister for State in MICA, and we hope you live up to them.

Winston Yean: New media can be a trusted platform for the community because it is relatively uncensored and free for all. Responsibility in new media has to stem from the wisdom and passion of its participants, not by an external regulator. The extremism of new media today is partly because gov't has not engaged it in a meaningful way (Reach and fb pages alone don't count), so radical views get more than their fair share of airtime without being balanced by institutional views. And frankly. you can't engage without getting your hands dirty and taking some spills along the way. So develop a thick skin, don a flameproof jacket and wade in! Oh, and keep your sense of humour - it helps.

Emeritus Robox: Dear Winston, you say, "The extremism of new media today is partly because gov't has not engaged it in a meaningful way."

I would say that the extremism of GOVERNMENT has got everything to do with them not engaging their critics in any meaningful way. Don't you think?

decoy: what is cheebye kia paper general talking about? am i manipulating
anybody? maybe he has lots of retarded children who will believe
absolutely everything they read online or offline. nah. children
should be taught (very important, their survival may depend on it)
that just because somebody or even a political leader or a fucked-up
paper general says something, that does not mean it is true and fair
and good for them. they should be taught to analyse information,
verify information, exercise caution and good judgement. hey, paper
general, i worry about the way your bring up children. just because
the world out there is a big and dangerous place for gullible, half-
wit little monkeys, you can't just go out and shoot everybody, you
wacko, bloodthirsty, shit-head bastard. neither can you gag everybody
or try to frighten them and make them shut up. do you have any common
sense, paper general, whatever your fuckin' name is? if not, come on
over and suck my prick in a bottle of formalin and get some
nourishment for your little monkey brain. / ask your children to read
this to you and see if they don't laugh. (if they don't laugh, take
them to a psychiatrist - you've damaged their minds.)

truth wrote:
I am disapointed with this pap "high flyer".
Who are the people who manipulated Singaporeans ?

Ask any ordinary Singaporeans, and the vast majority will tell u it is the
papist Leegime and the state controlled media who manipulated Singaporeans.
The chief pap manipulator is non other than Lee Kuan Yew.

Second, he is implying that young Singaporeans are so gullible that they can
be easily manipulated. Always remember the internet is free for all and so
for anyone who try to manipulated and spread lies, there are others who will
correct it. So it is up to the individual himself to decide.
In the main stream media, only one side of the story is told.

Kichew Chan better wise up and start over again. If he continue to pursue
the path he is on he will meet with disaster.

asdf asdf :
On May 29, 5:43 am, invis wrote:
> Chan Chun Sing thinks that the internet is for PAP to play masak
> masak.
> Could someone please have mercy on this nincompoop and tell him that
> the internet is a gift from God to mankind to destroy despots and evil
> men like Lee Kuan and his family. It's God's gift to level the playing
> field. Too many innocent Singaporeans and their loved ones have
> suffered utmost pain and degradation just because their opinions
> differ from the motherfucker Lee Kuan Yew and his late wife.
> If Chan Chun Sing can't stand the heat in the hell-hole (Singapore)
> created by Lee Kuan Yew in the first place, please pack up and fuck
> off and no one will miss him.
> P.S. Who thinks Chan Chun Sing can control the internet, kee chiu? LOL

Responsible code of conduct for internet usage?
What about responsible and accountable leaders? Like promising Swiss
living standard, but not delivering it. Transparency in how money is
collected and used?

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