Sunday, May 29, 2011

Next Prime Minister Will Be An Indian?

May 29, 2011 at 10:53 am killnotthesnake(Quote)
Yes. These Indian really gets the best of both worlds. Even after they became singapore citizens, they, their children and grand children are still considered as Overseas Indian Citizens(OIC) back home. Basically, they are almost like any Indian citizen, only without voting rights. They can buy houses, work and live freely like a citizen. And if they choose to, they can become an Indian citizen again anytime! This was told to me by an Indian acquaintance who was showing off the options he has. How loyal can these people be to their host country?
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From: "AleXX"

Subject: In no time, The skyline of Singapore will be march darker and half filled by these people

Just like what one of the ex-MP had said:
One evening, I drove to Little India and it was in complete darkness but not
because there was no light, but because there were too many Indians around."

More Kekling MP in parliament and if there will be another kekling kia
prata-man President, the situation will be even darker :)

With 3 of the top Ministers, including Finance & Law, (not to mention the President is already Indian), there is a very strong likelihood that the next Prime Minister is going to be an Indian for the first time. PM Lee is admittedly more open and less racist than his dad, so my bet is for them Indian to take the limelight from now on.

A Singapore-based magazine, Pardesi Pulse ( has published an article on the Indian expatriate community in Singapore. Pardesi’s main focus is on the Indian Diaspora. It is distributed free on charge in various locations in Singapore. The article is published in the April/May 2011 issue and written by Aprajita Anil. The title is “Expat Indians living the best of both worlds”.

The main points are follows:

* There are about 400 000 expat Indians and the figure is rising.
* Some had been here more than 10 years while others had been here for a fairly shorter period of time.
* One unconfirmed figure states 2500 expat Indians have taken up Singapore citizenship for the “past one year”.
* Dr Ashutosh Prakash of Tan Tock Seng Hospital has been living in Singapore for 3 years. He says it is quite easy for the expat Indians to adjust as Indians had been an integral part of Singapore society.
* He uses the example of the major Indian festival Diwali is a national holiday. In addition, there is the wide availability of Indian culture ranging from food to films.
* He also mentions that if he needs to go back home, it is just a 5 hour flight. He feels he is experiencing the best of both worlds.
* Mr Ajay Sundar, manager of a multinational firm, is 7 years old in Singapore. He feels the perception of how locals react to foreigners is critical.
* Ms Divya Bhardwaj, a home-maker. According to her 4.5 years’ local experience, older local Indians are friendlier towards their expat counterparts.
* Neethiya Sadagopal, communications manager of a multinational corporation (MNC) speaks from a local’s perspective. Some expat Indians think of themselves as the original “desi” (subcontinent Indians) while local Indians have lost their “originality”.
* While the expats try to show off a superior attitude, locals become cold and unfriendly towards the expats.
* The expat Indians interviewed for this article seem to be holding regular PMET (professional, managerial, executive and technician) positions. There is no example of anyone holding a highly-specialized position.
* There is no mention of positions which are said to be experiencing a so-called shortage of suitable locals as claimed by the ruling PAP (People’s Action Party) regime.
* There is also no suggestion of whether the expat Indian influx is due to the India-Singapore Free Trade Agreement.


  1. Indian personalities are having great knowledge to compete in this world. The main problem is lying in the politicians here in India. Otherwise Indian currency value will go higher than $.

  2. Over the years, Racial lines have Blurred so much,we now view it as who is the `Best Man` for the job.I might be wrong but i forsee a great possibility for a `Foreign Born S`porean`as the next PM,he could be someone from Myanmar,Phillipines,Vietnam,China or India,i beg to differ but based on the ever increasing Foreign Population it just might be the scenario come GE 2020.

  3. Race does not matter. What matters most is that we should have a constitution that permits only Singapore-born citizens to the office of PM and President.

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