Monday, May 9, 2011

Ng Wan Ching - proPAP journalist under investigation promoted

AleXX wrote:
Former TNP journalist Ng Wan Ching has been promoted to deputy editor of
the Straits Times with a hefty pay hike, despite the fact that she is still
under police investigation.

A Malaysian who became a Singapore citizen only recently, Ms Ng graduated
from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Arts and Social
Sciences in 1987.

She shot to fame last year by writing a series of misleading and untrue
articles to smear Temasek Review in an attempt to destroy it
(unsuccessfully) including resorting to publishing un-substantiated and
baseless pornographic materials from a notorious porn site.

The Temasek Review learnt that at least two police reports have been filed
against Ms Ng for revealing classified information from a police
investigation, including but not limited to a formal complaint filed with
the Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs and the Attorney General's Chambers
but the police has been sitting on the 'textbook' case, for months.

Despite technically still under police investigation pending the outcome, Ms
Ng was transferred from TNP to the SPH main English paper Straits Times with
a promotion. It is indeed deplorable that the Straits Times is now having a
journalist who is still under police investigation as its deputy editor.

The editor of Ms Ng at that time is the infamous Melvin Singh who was
responsible for smearing some SDP and NSP candidates in the run-up to the
election last Saturday causing them to lose crucial votes.
Melvin Singh concocted an non-existent 'march' by Dr Chee Soon Juan after a
rally at Jurong East and then put words in the mouth of SDP candidate
Michelle Lee to sow discord within the party.

Like Ms Ng, Melvin Singh is likely to be given a hefty 'performance' bonus
and promoted at the end of the year for his 'expertise' in smearing the
opposition to serve the partisan interests of his PAP masters.
Apparently, the criteria for promotion consideration at SPH seems to be
based on who can cook and lie to the best of his/her abilities regardless of
the means.

On the same note, it is reasonable to assume that the only avenue for
release of classified information to Ms Ng could have come from someone
within the police force and the 'sitting on it' stance adopted by the police
seems to suggest that it is unwilling to investigate 'one of its own' or is
under instructions not to.

Just last year, Minister for Home Affairs and Law had promised that everyone
regardless of rank and position will be taken to task for breach of the
Official Secrets Act and related offence but apparently, he had inadvertedly
forgotten to qualify that he was referring to 'lesser mortals' and not
persons related or in the 'family'.

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