Friday, May 6, 2011

Tin Pei Ling Insults Nicole Seah's Parliament Tears during cooling off

This comment purportedly made by Tin Pei Ling in Facebook, was quickly removed by her subsequently. It is a slip of the tongue, I believe, and of course a slip of her mind, her childishness and her ambition. With SM Goh's backing and blessing, it will be interesting to know who in the PAP juggernaut this little girl is related to. It takes a crony to back another one. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your MP for Marine Parade, Miss Tin Pei Ling. Tin Palin for President!

May 6, 11:16 am
Okay, we've heard the candidates and we vote tomorrow. So what must
we bear in mind? Keep in mind the following:

1) Singapore is at present structured such that you only have one
chance in about 5 years to make the govt hear you. LKY, WKS and the
whole lot of ministers have repeatedly said that the once-in-5-years
election is the only time for people to approve or disapprove of govt
policies. It doesn't have to be this way. You can change this by
voting in a critical number of opposition MPs to give you a voice.

2) The PAP has brainwashed the peasants into believing that only the
PAP knows best about everything, and if there's any opposition MP who
could even make a squeak in Parliament, we'd all be in trouble. Look
at the calibre of opposition candidates. I'd say Low Thia Khiang,
Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao & Pritam Singh, just to name a few, are good
enough to replace some of our ministers. They're certainly good
enough to replace WKS, whom the PAP thinks is good enough to be DPM!

3) The PAP works only for the ruling elite. As for the peasants, they
can have the crumbs on the table. That's why the PAP can keep raising
their own salaries to astronomical heights, while telling the
peasants, "You die, your business; you must compete with third world
labour." They actualy believe this is fair, everyone getting what
they deserved. They take care of themselves and their cronies, even
if it's a barefaced insult to the peasants. The latest example of
this is having WKS contest again and nominating Tin "I don't know what
to say" Palin.

4) The PAP govt is the most elitist in the world. When LKY attended
Goh Kheng Swee's wake, he said GKS was a late developer. What was his
basis for saying this? He said GKS was 2nd in ACS for the then
equivalent of 'O' Levels! Imagine, 2nd in ACS means no bloody good.
So you see, outside of the ruling elite, everyone is no bloody good
for him and are just peasants who deserve only crumbs.

5) Every time the peasants cry out that HDB prices are not affordable,
LKY and his ministers would brush the peasants aside and insist on
asset enhancement. But now that they're in trouble, they immediately
stop saying asset enhancement and switch to saying they'll build more
flats. How long do you want them to bullshit you?

6) You pay PAP ministers millions, and they spend their time working
out schemes so as not to pay you back your CPF money. One sheme
they've devised is high HDB prices for first-time buyers, so that
little or nothing will be left in the buyers' CPF accounts.

7) How come our GDP is so high, but the peasants feel so poor? It's
becasue our GDP comprised largely corporate revenue. The peasants
(that's everyone outside the small circle of ruling elite) are not

8) Why does the govt want to grow our population from 3 million to 6.5
million? Just look at one item -- food. If we double Singapore's
population, food comsumption would also double. Therefore, the food
industry's contribution to GDP would also double! In other words,
simply by doubling our population our GDP would also double! This way
of increasing our GDP is like an athlete cheating with steroids.
There's no real creativity and productivity involved --it's just
pumping numbers.

And most important at this stage, remember that nothing great can be
had without some pain and sacrifice -- and some courage. The PAP
keeps threatening you that if you vote for the opoosition, some
minister would fall. Well, even if you think George Yeo is a nice and
capable chap, you must still have the courage to take some pain and
make the necessary sacrifice. Nothing good can come from the easy

TIN PALIN apologised for her staff and said it is an "honest mistake".
Tin Pei Ling clarifies Facebook posting...
SINGAPORE: The People's Action Party (PAP) candidate for Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Tin Pei Ling said she had not posted anything on her Facebook page on Cooling-off Day.

All candidates who are contesting in the General Election are not allowed to campaign on Cooling-off Day, a day before Polling Day.

Ms Tin said on Thursday May 5, her Facebook page carried a "clarification" on reports that a MacPherson resident had been refused help for her child's tuition fees.

The resident had asked for a refund.

The MacPherson Zone B Residents' Committee said the deposit of S$80 cannot be refunded.

But netizens circulated on Friday a screen capture that showed a comment posted on Ms Tin's Facebook.

The comment said: "OooOoooOooh so that's what REALLY happened? Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE!"

The comment was however removed within 20 minutes.

When contacted, Ms Tin told Channel NewsAsia she was alerted to the comment when some of her friends called her shortly after it was posted.

Ms Tin said she found out it was one of her administrators, Ms Denise He, who had mistakenly made the post.

"She wanted to post the comment in her personal capacity, and she was using her mobile phone. But she didn't realise that she had inadvertently posted as my profile rather than her own ... It was an honest mistake," Ms Tin said.

Ms Tin asked her administrator to remove the comment immediately.

She added that she had earlier given strict instructions to her team of administrators not to make any postings on Cooling-off Day.

Her administrators help her to upload photos of her walkabouts on her Facebook page.

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