Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nicole Seah's Tears of Love for the People

NATIONAL Solidarity Party candidate Nicole Seah cried during a rally on Thursday night, while recalling a meeting she had with a poor family in MacPherson.

The 24-year-old, who is contesting in Marine Parade GRC, said she was saddened when the mother said she could not get help to fund her son's $80 tuition fees. Worse, when the mother sought help, she was chided for the small amount.

Pausing to compose herself, she then told the crowd at an open field next to Chinese Garden Lake: 'This is the kind of problem we have. We need a government who has a heart for Singaporeans.'

Jasper wrote:
More options May 6, 12:02 pm
If not for Nicole Seah and all other Opposition members who have
worked their guts out in the last few weeks, tearing down the fortress
of the PAP crooks and thieves, you think Lee Hsien Loong and his
thieves would have apologized, albeit insincerely.
No way.

The only way we can show our genuine appreciation to people like
Nicole Seah and all the other brave Opposition members is to vote them
into the new 2011 Parliament.

Please remember that when Nicole Seah and the other brave Opposition
members were campaigning for your votes, their reputation, their
livelihood, and their futures were all at risk -- every moment of it.
Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Kuan Yew could have sent their dogs to arrest
or threaten those brave souls. So far so good but there's still a
possibility that those nasty PAP bastards may do their utmost evil
again soon.

Those PAP bastards have shown us that they are capable of evil in
previous elections.

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