Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why PM Lee's "Sorry" Is Insincere

But Daddy said, those who apologised, should move out of politics.....

From: Zanzibar
Subject: He says they will take responsbility . but he did not say they will take accountability

Why he says take "responsibility" but no accountability.

Why did he not include the saying of "accountability". Does he menat
they will not have accountabiilty in their jobs?.

Accountability should be said in order to take ownership of the
mistake and problems caused and to enable the stepdown or sacking to
take place.

This was why there was a big difference between them of their mulit-
million dollar pay whichtye compares with those of the CEO pays in the
private sectors

The CEOs in MNC are paid high because their company is big and their
job includes not only responsiiblity but also accountabitity.

MNC CEO tenure is short - usually starting with 2 to 3 years with
renewal to a maximum 5 years term.

They have to take responsibility but also accountability. They have to
account for their mistake by preparing to taking of immediate stepdown
or to be sacked immediately.

However, in contrast, these were not the case for the MIWs. They want
their comparisons of high pay with the private CEOs differently

The MIWs want the high pays of big company CEO's responsibility but
not of their accountabilities.

The MIWs do not want to be like them to take immediate sacking or
stepdown to account for their mistakes.

The MIWs want full term tenure of 5 years employment, but...no
accountability, no sacking, no stepdown, no mid-way resignation, no
mid-way sacking, no mid-way stepdown, no deduction of bonuses, no
deduction of salary, no deduction of personal allowances, pay cut, no

In short, they want everything that a private CEO has but not of the


"We made a mistake when we let Mas Selamat run away. We made a mistake
when Orchard Road got flooded," he said.

"No government is perfect… we will make mistakes. But when it happens
we should acknowledge it, we should apologise, take responsibility,
put things right. If we are to discipline somebody, we will do that,
and we must learn from the lessons and never make the same mistake
again," said PM Lee.

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