Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NTUC Employees Forced to Attend Rallies

From: Joblessjoe

Not content with bribing jobless aunties/uncles with a packet of
chicken rice to attend their rallies, the PAP is so desperate it
requires all NTUC Heads. of Department/Managers to force all employess
to go to the rallies. No excuse is accepted unless one has a Medicla

Subject: Singaporeans pls push on
Singaporeans have won the first half of the match against the mighty empire
of the pap.This mighty pap empire was stolen from Singaporeans. In 1959
Singaporeans voted LKY and the pap into power and the old guards did good
works for the benefits of Singaporeans. But over the last 20 years with the
old guards kick out by LKY, things have deteriorated. LKY started to treat
Singapore like he and the pap own Singapore. They run Singapore like a
family own corporation. They treated Singaporeans like slaves and they the
masters. Good, honest, law abiding and hardworking Singaporeans have to
struggle daily. Despite studying hard, working hard, obeying the pap Leegime
all the time and yet still find life a huge struggle.

Now the people with the help of the brave young Singaporeans have awakened.
They want to change the system of master and slave. They want to take back
their power so that they are again the master of their own country. They
know that the only way is to VOTE OPPOSITION. So GE2011 becomes Singaporeans vs pap.

The pap has now said sorry for some of the wrongs they inflicted on
Singaporeans. This is just sweet words to weaken your resolve to take back
your power. So be vigilant. Don't succumb to the pap cheap talks. Keep on
the fight. U r winning. U have the pap by the balls. Squeeze hard and
victory will be yours on May 7.
Why are PAP Ministers Crying???

On May 4, 8:28 pm, "truth" wrote:
> This is pathetic. Such softies should never have been up there. Crying to
> win public sympathy for your own personal experiences is pathetic.
> Lim Boon Heng, Lim Swee Say and now Khaw Boon Wan are behaving like babies.
> They don't deserve your votes.

They don't cry when people lose their job, they don't cry when people
were at their wits end and had commit suicide, they don't cry when
parents have no money for their children medical fees......

They are crying for themselves.
From: "truth"
Subject: pap can promote others to take over those minister who are ousted

This pap top dogs talk about losing a few pap ministers will weaken the team
is absolute rubbish.
1. It is not difficult to run Singapore. Singapore is smaller than London
which is only managed by a Mayor.
2. There are now so many excess pap ministers. Just look at those in the
PM's office without portfolio - 7.
3. There are pap mps who can step up to take over just like Shame-mugam
taking over from WKS at the Home team. Infact GCT himself suggested that
minsters be limited to 2 terms. This implied that there are sufficient mps
who can step up to take over should the ministers lose in this election.

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