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Tin Pei Ling Promotion and Resignation - Sylvia Lim Resigns From Polytechnic

June 2, 2011 at 7:08 pm Max(Quote)
Ernst & Young is embarrassed, PAP is embarrassed, Singapore has been embarrassed, and now I’m certain her husband would be embarrassed since she declared herself to the media that she is impregnable..............
Ask anyone in Ernst & Young Consultancy and she did not resign because she wanted to serve the residents of Macpherson who are elderly and poor (by the way first I am hearing a PAP MP acknowledging there are poor in Singapore). Things have became very uncomfortable to a number of parties including her and her husband.

She worked for Dylis Boey who is Hri Kumar’s wife until her resignation. She got the job thru her PAP work and nothing to do with merit. This is someone who thrives on networking and contacts. She also found her husband in a similar way. She is no expert in business and her brief does not include providing consultancy of any substance. Colleagues of E&Y are not familiar with having provided any consultancy to any kopi tiam which I understand that Ms Tin is comfortable with. The fact that she gave a false declaration does not put her in an organisation of that outlook in a comfortable position.

Her antics and the videos have seriously embarrassed the firm. Consultancy firms such as those depend heavily on perception and image and more than a fair share of appearing professional like. She has become a liability.

To the PAP, they need to rebuild her image from the ground up. Gaining employment thru PAP contacts does not augur well with the population especially when PAP keeps telling the world that they seek out the best.

Many of us know of kids from well known families, born with the silver spoon that went out in the world and did not wish to use their family name to seek employment.

I understand that Ms Boey is particularly embarrassed. I am sure her well brother who is well known fashion icon Daniel Boey must have been horrified by the Ah Lian hat and outfit that made the video the most popular for a long while.

This resignation to her minders is the first step towards re-building her image. I don’t think that she will succeed and surprisingly I her minders are in a similar frame of mind.
Source: Sam’s Alfresco Heaven
Tin Pei Ling has resigned from Ernst & Young
SINGAPORE: Member of Parliament (MP) for Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Tin Pei Ling has resigned from Ernst & Young.

The firm confimred with Channel NewsAsia that this was the case.

Ms Tin revealed her resignation on her Facebook page, through a post made on early Wednesday.

One part of her post read: "After long and careful deliberation, I decided to resign from the firm to focus on my responsibilities in MacPherson and Marine Parade GRC".

That Facebook post drew more than 300 comments, ranging from support to cynicism.

Ms Tin's parliamentary colleagues said they support her resignation.

MP for Marine Parade GRC Seah Kian Peng said: "The residents at MacPherson would be the ones who, in a sense, would see a difference, before and after.

MP for Marine Parade GRC Tan Chuan-Jin said Ms Tin can now focus more on her constituency duties.

Ms Tin's Facebook post said she is considering longer-term career plans, but fulfilling her duties to MacPherson residents is her first and utmost priority.

When contacted, Ms Tin said she would evaluate her career plans a few months or a year down the road, and did not rule out getting another job.

For now, she said she hopes for space to determine priorities in her MacPherson ward.

On her Facebook page, Ms Tin wrote that MacPherson has a large number of elderly and poorer households.

She added that they require and deserve more help and attention.

Ms Tin has been with Ernst & Young for four years.

Her last held position there was senior consultant.

tong wrote:
Just heard that Tin Pei Ling was promoted to a Director in Ernst &
Young. According to Ernst & Young this multiple jump in job grades for
Tin Pei Ling is to reward her for being an elected MP.

What has her being elected got to do with her job in Ernst & Young?
Again according to Ernst & Young spokesperson, Tin Pei Ling will bring
lots of business to the firm.

Is that not a form of corruption especially for an audit firm where
integrity is of utmost importance?

The spokesperson replied, "This sort of you-rub-my- back and
I-rub-yours kind of dealings have been going on in PAP, government
agencies and hundreds of business entities in Singapore. Why should
Ernst & Young be singled out as being corrupt."

Unlike Tin Pei Ling, WP's Sylvia Lim did the honorable thing of resigning from her job in the Polytechnic so as to concentrate fully on her role as MP for her students and for the people of Aljunied.
AFTER more than 12 years of teaching, Aljunied MP Sylvia Lim has tendered her resignation from her position as a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic.

Her resignation was in anticipation of an increased workload as an MP, she said in a statement released to the meda.

The Workers' Party (WP) chairman added that it would not be fair to the polytechnic's management, colleagues and students to continue in her teaching capacity while at the same time serving as an elected MP.

She said in her last five years as an NCMP, she has already spent working hours on Parliamentary activities such as sittings and the occasional overseas trip.

And even though the polytechnic's management had been supportive, the years ahead would be even more demanding, she added.

Ms Lim will be in charge of the Serangoon ward, taking over from Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Lim Hwee Hua.

Below is Ms Sylvia Lim's statement in its entirety:


This is to confirm that I have, on 13 May 2011, tendered my resignation from my position at Temasek Polytechnic, after more than twelve years of service.

The move is prompted by what I anticipate to be an increased workload after being elected as part of the Workers' Party team for Aljunied GRC in General Elections 2011.

My role at the Polytechnic included teaching full-time and part-time students, as well as co-ordinating continuing education initiatives for adult learners undertaken by the Polytechnic's School of Business. To fulfill these responsibilities well would require sufficient time, focus and dedication.

Already in the last 5 years as Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, working hours have been spent on Parliamentary activities such as sittings and the occasional overseas trip. While the Polytechnic management has supported these national platforms, I foresee that the years ahead as an elected Member will be even more demanding.

After due consideration, I have concluded that it would not be fair to the Polytechnic management, colleagues and students for me to continue in my post at Temasek Polytechnic as an elected MP. I will henceforth explore other career options.

This decision to leave Temasek Polytechnic was arrived at with decidedly mixed feelings, as I have enjoyed my work and colleagues there tremendously. I would like to record my sincere thanks to the Polytechnic management and colleagues for their kind understanding and friendship all these years
From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: Tin Pei Ling Must Be Disqualified
On May 16, 12:22 pm, Lubin wrote:

> Why is Lee Hsien Loong allowing a criminal to be sitting as an MP in
> Singapore's parliament?

> Is Lee Hsien Loong so daft that we have to remind him that Tin Pei
> Ling broke the Cooling-off Day rules which ironically were imposed by
> PAP in th every first place?

> Don't tell us that the Cooling-off Day rules ONLY apply to Opposition
> candidates and that PAP bitches like Tin Pei Ling are exempted?

Seriously there should be integrity in the election department to come
out to the public in explaining how their decision is or was on this

Integrity is the key institution incorporated in the election
department in this country of singapore.

The country of Singaporeans knew of this problem in the news and yet
the election department kept mumed of it showed that there is a
integrity problem with them on this matter of public interest.

Is it that the election reports to the Pm office and thus cannot
reveal of their decisions when the problem was arisen from their own

If this was the case, the election department should be removed away
from the PM offce and be reported to an independent body perhaps to
the United Nation?


  1. I fully agree with the spokesman.
    That is how the world operates.
    Welcome to the new world , guys.

  2. Whoa....whatever happened to the "meritocracy" thingy ?
    I am quite sure in Ernst & Young Singapore, there are a few capable
    individual in line for promotion way ahead of TPL. No offence to TPL but
    how did a business consultant with 5 years working experience become
    director in one step ?
    In addition, who authorised the promotion ?
    If I am a boss of company contracted to E&Y, I would terminate the
    auditing contract immediately !!

  3. In SIngapore, the real talented will work like a slave, while the one
    who know how to blow will blow herself bigger even though she does
    know how to do the work.