Lim Bo Seng's Grave found

From: "truth"
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:19:35 GMT
Local: Wed, Jul 15 2009 5:19 pm
Subject: Why pap Leegime did not honour a genuine Singaporean hero ?

truth comment: dr. lim boh seng is a genuine singaporean
hero who headed the resistence movement against the
japanese during ww2 and paid his courageous and patriotic
efforts with his life. while lim boh seng was organising
singaporeans resistence to the wicked japanese occupiers,
lee kuan yew and s r nathan were working hand in glove
with the japanese military command. lim boh seng must
be suppressed in order not to make lee kuan yew and
s r nathan look like enemies to singaporeans. that is why
even his grave is neglected. i wonder whether the pap
written history book even mentioned his name.

SINCE reports were published in the press about war hero Lim Bo Seng's grave
in MacRitchie Reservoir Park, many have tried to visit the site.

As a regular user of the park's fitness corner, I have been approached on
many occasions by visitors seeking direction to the burial site.

It would be helpful to set up signs to guide people to Lim's grave.

Perhaps the authorities should make the grave a historical attraction and
promote it to tourists as a place of interest.

Erecting a plaque with a brief biography of the war hero would be
informative not only for tourists and visitors, but also for school children
should schools plan excursions to Lim's grave.

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