Singapore Universities are meant for foreigners

From: "lobert"
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 10:48:25 +0800
Local: Sat, Jul 11 2009 10:48 am
Subject: Singapore Universities are meant for foreigners

Get this straight. Singaporeans are treated second class when they apply for
an University place. Foreigners are given first place with scholarship and
100% free board and lodging. Do you people vote for the PAP government to be
treated like dogs and ass holes?

"I REFER to Mr Michael Koo's letter yesterday, 'University admission criteria need to be clearer'.

The Government's policy of giving university admission to talented overseas students is good. These overseas students raise the standards of our universities, provide diversity and contribute to the growth of our economy. To pursue foreign talent (permanent residents included), the Government must create additional university places.

All citizens who qualify for admission to a local university based on a set of criteria should be given the opportunity to study there.

In cases like Mr Koo's daughter, even if parents can afford to send their children overseas, it becomes a more expensive alternative in tertiary education. For those who cannot afford it, the policy deprives their children of a university education.

The Ministry of Education should also clarify its position on tertiary education subsidies. Many good students choose to pursue a university education (subsidised education) via the polytechnic (subsidised education) route. Are we providing dual subsidies to these students? Will this defeat the polytechnics' mission of building technocrats for industry, and will the polytechnics become pre-university colleges one day?

Kwa Ser Koon "

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