PAP MPs got no balls to fight in single constituency

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Subject: Re: pap mps got no balls to fight in single constituency

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> Fresh From the Oven
> 06 July 2009

> The fact that Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) are used by the
> ruling party merely as a tool of gerrymandering was alluded to by PAP MP
> Charles Chong on Sunday, when he figuratively ducked behind K. Shanmugam's
> pants upon hearing a suggestion by one of his residents that he stand in a
> Single Member Constituency (SMC) next election.

> Mr Sunny Wong, a resident at Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, had suggested during a
> dialogue session that a single seat be carved out from the GRC so that his
> Member of Parliament, Charles Chong, could "fight solo".

> Before Law Minister and Second Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam, who is
> also an MP at the same GRC, could respond, Charles Chong hurriedly deflected
> the suggestion as if it were a bombshell, saying: "Frankly, I think you give
> me more credit than I deserve, but I'm very comfortable in a GRC." (Straits
> Times, "Resident suggests single-seat ward", 06 July 2009.)

> The way Charles Chong cringed at the suggestion shows that he has no
> confidence of standing on his own, and that he has to rely on his
> heavyweight partner K. Shanmugam to bring him into Parliament. In other
> words, he has implicitly admitted that he is gaining entry into Parliament
> by riding on the backs of others rather than on his own electoral support.
> That is shameful.

> Earlier in January this year, when permanent secretary at the Environment
> and Water Resources Ministry Tan Yong Soon drew flak for bragging about his
> five-week cooking course in Paris, Charles Chong called those critics
> "lesser mortals". (See here.)

> As a result, Charles Chong himself drew sharp criticism for being elitist
> and demeaning towards the electorate.

> Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had remarked in a Parliamentary session in
> May that there will be three more single seats at the next polls, raising
> the number from nine to 12.

> I wonder if some relatively inexperienced PAP MPs, like Charles Chong, are
> wobbling in their pants right now, at the prospect of being fielded as
> single-seat candidates, without enjoying the protective umbrella of a
> Minister.

> Opposition MPs like Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong have been winning
> elections in single-member wards many times over. It must utterly scare some
> young PAP MPs to imagine that may have to do likewise for the next election.

run whatever they decide to shu shang diao
ping guo jiu shi ping gou,
diao bu tao jiu shi bu tao....diao lan cheng jiu shi lan cheng, isn't


  1. inexperienced? please he has fought in several GEs before.

  2. Are you sure? Which GE did he run in, and which party?