Why can't GIC or Temasek do something like this

From: Frankie
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 02:23:39 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Jul 25 2009 5:23 pm
Subject: Re: Why can't GIC or Temasek do something like this

> LKY claimed that they are the best.
> If so they should be doing not only as good as
> Warren Buffet but better than him.
> As far as GIC and Temasek actual performances
> are concerned, Warren Buffet has outperformed
> them by miles.
> So LKY is a fraud who make unsubstantiated
> claimed. LHL is telling lies when he claimed that
> the pap has provided extraordinary leadership.
> These people are liars and cheats and cannot
> be trusted. They have been deceiving Singaporeans
> for ages and about time Singaporeans exposed
> them.

> "Frankie" wrote in message

***I suppose your bitterness blinds the truths.LKY is a very great
leader,and he couldn't be a fraud or can he cheats Singapore.His
achievements cannot be gainsay upon,no matter what grudges one may
hold against him.
Let's make a simple comparison of him and the rest of any leaders in
our world.Can we honestly say he is no statesman?The way you
destructively criticized him only discredit your own credibility.

LKY is one of the most marvelous individuals our world has ever known.
He is very old,and any time now,you know it.No one can really fault
him for his deep love for this land,and I strongly believe what he did
is really for the good of this nation,however with imperfections of

Singaporean as a whole respect him,except Oppositions where he
seriously dealt them with the hardest blow.Again,if others become the
figure head,you think they would be as kind as a saint?To him and his
family?When one see the ugliness of this world,how can we not justify
for what he had done,fair or unfair to Oppositions?If one becomes his
enemy,can he not treat them as one?Many good Christians expect LKY to
offer the other cheeks,but how could he,for he has since been a known

What he did was never thinking about the after life Judgment,but just
for mere survival as a political party,and he did well.Any true born
again Christian,live by the conscience and integrity,and a clean live
so as to meet God one day to give an account.People who has nothing to
account for the next Eternal life,will forever sees no need to live by
the Conscience, and purity, and obedience to God's words.

It is better to live your remaining lives at peace with yourself than
to bog down with hatred and in the deep galls of bitterness,obviously
given by him.If you don't savor every moment of your life,but keeps
having deep grudges,you are real losers in life.

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