Singapore economy to languish for long long time

From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 16:05:55 GMT
Local: Wed, Jul 1 2009 12:05 am
Subject: Re: Singapore economy to languish for long long time

But I thought we paid these so called scholars and talents multimillion
salaries, why can't they perform some kind of miracle to help our economy? I
thought we are the lesser mortals and they're the immortals, can't these so
called immortals perform some kind of miracle to prop up the Singapore
economy and help us the lesser mortals? Such simple task and the self
proclaimed immortals can't do the job, why are we even paying them in this
case? Are we the suckers here.

"truth" wrote in message

> The Singapore economy will be stucked in the shit
> hole the pap has driven it into for a long time.
> Those who hope for a quick recovery will be very
> disappointed.
> The Singapore is stuck on the wrong track. A track
> which leads to destructions. The pap Leegime after
> years of unchallenged power and domination has
> rotted beyond redemption. They are not only reluctant
> to change, they are now incapable of real change.
> So the economy will be stuck in limbo land for a long
> time and Singaporeans will pay the price for allowing
> the pap to dominate anything and everything.
> Competitions keep people on their toes n sharpen
> their minds and skills. Without it
> they rot and slide into shit holes. Just like the way
> the pap is in now.

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