This is the type of character the pap wanted and recruited

From: "truth"
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 03:07:13 GMT
Local: Sat, Jul 11 2009 11:07 am
Subject: This is the type of character the pap wanted and recruited

truth: these pap type are never serious. they are opportunists.
sad thing is these are the people who are holding top office
now. smart, opportunistic, no integrity, no compassion, no
commitment and no good character.
What does joining Young PAP out of curiosity say about the NMP aspirant?

IN A country where lines get blurred in so many areas, Nominated MP aspirant
Calvin Cheng's decision not to resign his Young PAP membership the moment he
launched his bid to enter Parliament is understandable.

If those lines were clearly drawn into our collective DNA, I am quite sure
Mr Cheng would have officially cut his links with the youth wing of the
ruling party the moment he had made up his mind that he wanted to enter

He did that only after a Today report highlighted the issue on Wednesday.

This 34-year-old media entrepreneur must have felt all that was needed was
to be honest and upfront with the high-level committee that sifts through
NMP applications and picks people it thinks will make a contribution to
debate in Parliament. Mr Cheng says that he told the committee he was an
"inactive member" and that the committee did not question him on this.

In defending his decision subsequently, he said his Young PAP membership
expired two years after he joined the political organisation in 2006 and
that he never even bothered to pick up his membership card. Now here is the
real rub. He joined the Young PAP out of ... you need to be ready for this
word ... curiosity.

Let me quote from a letter he wrote to Today: "I joined YPAP in 2006 when I
visited the Teck Ghee PAP branch with a friend, and I signed up out of
curiosity. Due to many reasons, I never returned."

My, my ... what does this say of this intelligent young man who graduated
from Oxford and wants to be a member of the highest and most august chamber
in Singapore?

Shall we dismiss this curiosity episode as a case of boyish candour?

I would have not bothered much if Mr Cheng had added this line in his
letter: Looking back, I realise how wrong I was to treat my application to
join an organisation like the YPAP in such a cavalier manner.

The burden is now on Mr Cheng; he has to prove to Singaporeans that the
decision by the Special Select Committee, which includes two ministers and
several backbenchers, to pick him is not misplaced.

As for the Young PAP, perhaps it needs to make sure that the people who want
to join it do so for the right reasons and not for whimsical reasons like

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