Where to Learn Qigong in Singapore?

From: Dalai Balu
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 08:19:21 +0800
Local: Sat, Jun 27 2009 8:19 am
Subject: Where to Learn Qigong in Singapore?

1. Wudang Sheng Hong @15 Arumugam Rd: $12/yr taught by taoist priests
direct from Wudang Mountains........ great facilities and mgmt; last
recruitment NOW. Hurry if you want to be counted,

2. Shaolin Qigong Serangoon North Ave 2 (or 3??): $25/mth - good

3. Master Ge in Marine Parade: $250 for qigong; best in ba gua zhang
and swordplay; fellow student with Jet Li; mobile = 90253887,

4. Richard, an expert in qigong & taiji: small gathering behind Mc
Donald's in East Coast Park - in front of the sea; Tues & Fri 9-11am
only; Master Richard is lineage holder of Yap Bor Lin,

5. World Nam Wah Taijigong Association at 6C Lorong 7: $300 for qigong
- profit if any, goes to bona fide association; founded by Sim Pooh

6. World Nam Wah Pai XXXX Association ??? at 9 Lorong 29: $1000 for 8
weeks qigong, thereafter $1000 for Yang taiji + $1700 (first year)
push hands; founded by Sim Pooh Ho 45 yrs ago but now helmed by his
youngest brother... apa nama?

What is your choice?

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