Race is sensitive here,or Xinjiang?

From: Frankie Lee
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 22:15:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Race is sensitive here,or Xinjiang?

The Paper today again echoes about how race is a very sensitive issue.

After many governments spend so much money educating those Islamic
people,hoping that they just don't learn and live only in
Madrassahs,or be incited by Mullahs,still these group of people are
always hyper sensitive,and very backwards in a civilized society,just
as Samuel Huntington predicted that they would,and they will clash
with civilizations,so it is not strange that they made a complaints
against civilized Christians,and sent them to jail over some articles
which they cannot tolerate--and our Judge will learn from me that
this is a tolerant society,and we shouldn't be so sensitive like the
Xinjian people or they would be riots;we had one remember?

It is not the civilised people who should bore the blames but the
uncivilised crooked beliefs of the proven defects of the seven
centuries,which is always reporting others over some dog's thing and
decent Singaporean got into troubles because slanderers always had the
upper hand over truths and justice.

After Samuel's articles,and he declared that they would clash with
civilizations,it has been proven without a shadow of doubts that they
are the trouble makers wherever they are.

Instead of discouraging those silly complaints against the two
Christians who pass out some articles,by jailing that nut who reported
them;so as to send the message to all Singaporean that we are a
tolerant society,and we must learn to live with harmony,instead the
culprits gets away and the two upright and honest Christians went to
lengthy court trials over what their childish tantrums were.

Instead of teaching tolerant here,many folks prefer to stoke the wrath
of Christians here,and hope to tell the world that they are a superior
race,making things more divisive than ever,do it all in the name of
silencing dissent,but getting more dissent.It was so offensive that
our food is subjected Halal,and we have to respect them of their
Special courts,and they are preferred over us,making the message known
that their words and Jihad count where the rest are fools.

Xinjain riots is nothing new but a real lessons to learn.We are living
in a tolerant society where everyone has their differences and we
don't go at great length to persecute people so as to cause society to
become more divisive.Racial Harmony meant we should respect other
people's religion and race,and we don't make a mountain over a
molehill,and we should discourage those who make little reports,and
fine them which is more appropriate;otherwise small reports will
spring up everywhere.

By letting a small matter to rest will shield away much troubles on
our land,otherwise everywhere will be hot spot.

I believe in a tolerant society,and I don't mind be subjected to
tasteless food and low priority,and giving them time off to their
prayers and ensure that their food is better prepared than the Chinese
food then in Army,or enjoy their company.It is time to teach them what
is a real world ,and like what GCT said,they just cannot be always in
Madrassahs for the facts that..which many Madrassahs give birth to

The riots in Indonesia when Suharto was deposed was real,and Chinese
were targeted.


  1. Actually what are you trying to say?

  2. That Madrassahs gave birth to many terrorists is proven beyond doubts!