Zanetta Sit Leaked Pics Scandal

So you are into Singaporean celebrity sex scandals with naked models you see on local Singapore TV? On Singapore Channel 5 to be a bit more precise and the show is Deal Or No Deal. Her name is Zanetta Joan Sit a.k.a. Miss Sit and she is a beauty with brains. A perfect student on the outside, Singapore law scholar, with a double master at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She is the picture perfect girl of the law school's ad campaign. I am not sure whether to call this NUS student sex scandal or Singaporean Deal or no Deal model sex scandal. She has an amazing body and the best innocent girl orgasm face ever! Modeled quite a bit, and was on the second season of Singapore's Deal or no Deal, number 14. The Deal Or No Deal Singapore official website describe her:

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