Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PAP Sacrificed George Yeo Intentionally - leaked info

Khairy wrote:

So, you think the PAP are morons??? Think again..
May 9th, 2011 | Author: Online Press
Please everybody; cool down.. Saw this recent article somewhere: Heard
this from a reliable source amongst the highest echelons of the PAP.
The PAP was well aware that Aljunied is a risky proposition for them.
This was clear even in 2006 and G—- just scraped through.

The PAP also knew that this time LTK is going to contest the Aljunied
GRC, especially after the electoral boundaries were redrawn. They had
factored that in and they knew that Aljunied is a goner in that case.
There was apparently considerable thinking to move G—- to East Coast
GRC so that his success is guaranteed. This was mooted by GCT. It
carried through the day and apparently G—- was also sure that he would
be moved to East Coast. Suddenly for no apparent reason, Lim Swee Say
was moved to East Coast GRC and G—- was retained at Aljunied.
Apparently the decision was taken by LHL, TCH and WKS. No one knows
the rationale for that decision. There are 2 theories going around:
One, they didn’t want to sacrifice Lim Swee Say and wanted a safe seat
for him. Second, some sections in the PAP believed that G—- was
gaining international stature (much more than the PM himself) and
wanted to cut down his size. He was also considered to be GCT’s man
and LHL wanted him out respectably. One should also note that it is
only GCT who is making statements supporting G—-. LHL is conspicuous
by his silence on GCT. LKY’s threat to Aljunied residents (leaving
residents confused as per G—-, while causing more Aljunied residents
to be frustrated & vote for Workers’ Party) is actually sounding the
death knell for G—- (and do S’poreans still think that LKY is old &
senile?). So, PAP wants G—- to lose. LTK has questioned the rally
attendees that if G—- is so important to the PAP team, why doesn’t G—-
be removed from Aljunied GRC. If this has even some truth to it, one
can easily speculate that there’s enough dissent even within PAP ranks
and one just has to wait for Mentor Lee to exit for the dissent to
come out in the open. They have given up on Aljunied and Hougang.

So, you think the PAP are morons??? Think again..
PAP is using Tin Pei Ling as test-water (as a young candidate). In
GE2016, the most exciting moment is the arrival of Li ShengWu (elder
son of Lee Hsien Yang), LKY grandson and he should be 28 years old by
then to continue the process of dynasty building…
Other possible candidates in 2016:

1. Li HonYi (elder son of LHL/Ho Ching)
Li was apparently being groomed for a future leadership role after
being awarded a government scholarship to study economics at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (in 2008). The Singapore
military has served as a training ground for political leaders and
executives in state companies.

2. Teo Eng Siang (son of Teo Chee Hean)
Singapore pays S$280,825 for tuition for Teo’s son –
Teo Eng Siang was awarded a Public Service Commission Scholarship in a
public ceremony by his own daddy, Singapore Admiral and Minister Teo
Chee Hean. Young Teo now(2008) heads for the United States where he
will be attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Brown
University is a fashionable Ivy Leage school and has a huge annual
tuition of US$42,303, or US$169,202 (S$280,825) for the full four
years. Don’t you think there are needier students in Singapore?

3.Warren Mah
Warren Mah, son of Mah Bow Tan, Singapore’s Minister for National
Development, is living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He is on a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania from the
Monetary Authority of Singapore.

This is Politics (Singapore Politics i should think), its not as
simple as we ordinary folks out there to comprehend precisely. The PAP
do have contingency and far-sight plans ahead.

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