"Anal s-x is healthy"? MOE has to explain why it allowed such unscientific teachings!!!

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From: "LobertEatSHIT"
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 18:28:25 +0800
Local: Fri, May 1 2009 6:28 pm
Subject: "Anal sex is healthy"? MOE has to explain why it allowed such unscientific teachings!!!

Haha...after trying to bluff their way out of the saga
by saying that "no parents complaint"....,when it is
not becoming obvious that PARENTS DON"T EVEN
know what was being taught in these programmes....MOE
is now trying to TAI CHI the responsibilities to the teachers
and principals.

Is MOE million dollar ministers operating on "complaints"
only activities before they know what is going on in their
After receiving million dollar salaries, do they sit and
play with their balls and just wait for public FEEDBACK
before doing anything?
Like this, even karang guni men also can become ministers

With this kind of low quality "leaders", its now becoming
obvious that even when our kids are being surreptitiously under
mined in their moral education by LESBIANS and GAYS
hiding behind some NGO, these leaders DON"T EVEN KNOW
what is going on.
What's next?

This behaviour sounds very similar to those MINDEF
bastards when they tried to smear the dead doctor.

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