Sam Tan is a disgusting person

From: "truth"
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 14:01:13 GMT
Local: Tues, May 26 2009 10:01 pm
Subject: pap mp Sam Tan is a disgusting person

truth comment: singaporeans can u pls spit or throw
rotten eggs at this sam tan for his sub-human comment
on suffering singaporeans.

Sam Tan : Singaporeans are mollycoddled....

Wow. Singaporeans are so pampered by their govt according to MP Sam Tan. Sam
Tan gets about $217K a year for his part time MP job and probably much more
for his full time job. Sam Tan is not mollycoddled, it is the thousands of
Singaporeans hired in the volatile manufacturing sector, temp jobs who have
to struggle to make ends met that are mollycoddled. It is the $800 cleaner
who has to go to the govt for help when she loses her job because it was not
possible for her to save any money given the rising cost of living that is
mollycoddled. It is not the job the govt to help all these people, MP Sam
Tan is saying the govt should walk away and that will toughen up

This is all very interesting especially when Sam Tan has a safe job in the
CDAC which is recession proof and a part-time MP job that pays $217K - Sam
Tan is not mollycoddled, ordinary Singaporeans who lose their low paying
jobs easily and have no choice but to seek help are the ones who are
mollycoddled. Sam Tan who got into parliament in Tanjong Pagar GRC thorugh a
walkover on the coattails of MM Lee is not a mollycoddled politician but the
Singaporeans who have to compete against the foreign workers who come in by
the thosands are mollycoddled.

Ordinay Singaporeans who have no safety net and have to work until they are
old are mollycoddled. But Sam Tan who will get pension after serving as MP
is not mollycoddled. The old ladies digging the trash for aluminium cans and
collecting cardboard boxes for a living are mollycoddled but Sam Tan is not
mollycoddled. The thousands of ordinary Singaporeans who squeeze like
sardines in the public transport, struggle to pay for the costliest public
housing in the world and the non-stop hikes in fees, fares and rates of govt
agencies are the ones who are mollycoddled but MP Sam Tan who makes more
money in his part-time MP job in one month than many Singaporean workers in
one year is not mollycoddled.
MP Sam Tan who never have to feed his family with less than $2000 a month is
qualified to say that ordinary Singaporeans are mollycoddled. It is not the
job of govt to help the poor and needy....what is the job of the govt? To
squeeze ordinary Singaporeans so that can barely breathe to ensure that the
people struggle ? Sam Tan says this will 'toughen' Singaporeans up. Yes, Sam
Tan is one tough person who has never worked in the private sector and has
never been retrenched to tell us all that.
The Straits Times May 25, 2009 8:00 PM
We're too mollycoddled [Link]
MANY Singaporeans see Government help as an entitlement, something they
would tap on as a first port of call rather than as a last resort, said a
backbencher in Parliament on Monday.
Mr Sam Tan, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, is worried that Singaporeans might
have been so mollycoddled by the Government that they have become 'practised
at the craft of recession cushioning', and so accustomed to the government
largesse. '
Each time the economy shows signs of slowing down, we've the NTUC and the
e2i coming out to the forefront to job match, provide training, reduce
retrenchment,' he said in his speech on the President's address. 'We've
Ministry of National Development pump-priming with infrastructure projects.
We've, of course, the Ministry of Communications, Youth and Sports and its
numerous help schemes.' Making clear that he is 'not diminishing the
efforts' of civil servants and unionists, Mr Tan added: 'I am, however,
wondering what the true impact of all these efforts are.
'Suppose you're the father of an eight-year-old boy who wants to learn how
to cycle. Do you line the streets with cushions so that he would not hurt
himself if he loses his balance? '
Do you brace his knees, and every conceivable part of his exposedbody with
padding? You might, if you were an extremely protective father.
But a commonsensical approach would be to let the boy have a go at it
himself, and take the knocks and spills as they come.
'A boy who's mollycoddled is a very different person from the one who is
physically tough and take the spills without fear, and whining.
The latter, I think could be the approach that we take towards helping
Singaporeans during tough times.' Citing an example to back his point, Mr
Tan said recently he has seen many residents, especially the elderly, come
and see him at meet-the-people sessions.
'The difference is that while in the past, many of them would be hesitant to
do so, and would rely on their children first. Today, many see the
government help as an entitlement, something that they should tap on as a
first port of call, rather than a last resort.
'I want to spare my children the burden of caring for me', they tell me. I
am frankly astonished and dismayed, for my traditional Confucius values tell
me that it is the natural obligation for children to look after their
parents, and for the parents to be cared for by their children when they
grow old. 'I would sometimes tell them 'You should let the children care for
you, not the state, not because this is a good public policy (although it
is), not because society expects it (although it might), but because it is
the right thing to do. 'It is filial piety, one of the most fundamental
values of the human race.'

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  1. Sam is great!

    We need more MPs like him to remind us that Siongapore is a meritocracy. You are poor because you have been mollycoddled. LHL never got into a fistfight in school because he had merit - those boys who think of landing him a punch had to contend with his bodyguards first! You see where he is now?
    We had Lim Wee Kiat who needed high pay for his dignity and Charles Chong to remind us that they are higher mortals and now someone to ask us to go fly kite when we are down in the dumps. Hey, where's my 3 meals in the restaurant or foodcourt or hawker centre? Sorry I forgot - only in Stinkapore we get free meals delivered to our homes. Right, Tg. Pagar GRC voters can repent for 5 years. LOL!!!