Siew Kum Hong is a good man

From: "truth"
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 13:46:43 GMT
Local: Sat, May 16 2009 9:46 pm
Subject: Re: Siew Kum Hong is a good man

So u consider those in the pap Leegime also good people.
To me they are the most evil people in Singapore.
They are greedy. They are arrogant. They think Singaporeans
owed them a living. They think they are superior to others.
They think they can do what they like.

> His performance in Parliament was the best amongst the
> all mps.
> He advise AWARE for free.
> He is anytime better than many of the pap mps.

> "yansimon52" wrote in message

> On May 14, 1:49 pm, "truth" wrote:

> > Siew Kum Hong is not only brilliant but he is a very good
> > man. Just look at his performance in Parliament and u can
> > see that he took on his job seriously and for the benefit of
> > Singapore and ordinary Singaporeans.
> > He deserved the support of Singaporeans. They need him
> > to represent them in Parliament.

> Good man are those that have the 'sense of sharing' feeling in
> them............just like any ordinary parent who take good care of
> their their responsibility in making sure that their
> children are well fed and receiving good education.
> In another word......ppl that comes with a 'sense of sharing' are then
> 'qualified' to serve the ppl.

> Has Siew Kum Hong arrived to that status?

> Halo Bro.............of late, we have been seeing alot of 'singles'
> who hold top executive post in town.........they got good pay and
> prefer to drive sport car.instead of MPV.......cos, they only want to
> either pamper themselves or just sharing with the one who they loved,
> sitting beside them..................these selfish ppl have yet to
> accumulate the 'sense of sharing' how to serve the ppl?

> I am not implying that Siew Kum Hong is a bad guy but he has not
> arrived yet to serve the real sense.
Siew Kum Hong made a good critics in Parliament........but, certainly
not a good leader in-making...that is the difference

You claimed that Siew Kum Hong is a good man....well, most warm
blooded human by origin, are good ppl......

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