Wong Kan Seng's days are numbered

From: "Fabriz"
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 17:38:10 +0800
Local: Sun, May 10 2009 5:38 pm
Subject: Re: Wong Kan Seng's days are numbered.

Quite true.
His counting days of becoming Prime Minister after Lee Hsien Loong is coming
You can even now refer him as Prime Minister Designate KS Wong.

> It is now clear that the PM LHL has lost confidence
> in his Home Affairs Minister DPM Wong Kan Seng.
> The PM knew of the escape earlier than his Home
> Affairs Minister and not only did he kept this vital
> information from his DPM in-charge of internal securities
> but he did not even reveal to Wong Kan Seng that he
> already knew when WKS happily and eagerly told
> him of the news.

> That the Home Team especially the ISD in collusion
> with the state media has now claimed so much credit
> for Mas Selamat re-arrest must be extremely
> embarassing for the PM especially in the light of what
> he knew. I am sure the Malaysian PM must have told
> PM LHL that Mas swam to Johor a few days after
> his escape. In other words Mas was hiding in Singapore
> for a few days and managed to sneak pass our border
> security. So LHL must have been very angry over this
> confirmation of extreme weakness in our Home Team.
> This explained why PM LHL did not even
> bother to tell Wong Kan Seng that he knew of Mas
> re-arrest. This explains why Wong Kan Seng displayed
> his ignorance and display his ass for the world to see.
> I have called on PM LHL to sack WKS and to
> overwhaul the Home Team in the wake of Mas escape.
> I have warned him of the extreme bad luck which WKS
> will spread to the Cabinet and Singapore as a whole.
> I have warned him of the complacency, negligence
> and incompetence of the Home Team. Now all these
> have been confirmed and I think he has wake up to
> the fact that WKS and his Home Team has been
> deceiving him and all Singaporeans. Now PM LHL
> must do the right thing. It is not too late.
> Now PM LHL must go one step further which is to
> set up a secret department to check on the performances
> of all his ministries. The PM must not be deceived by
> propaganda by his own ministers again. For the survival
> of Singapore, these incompetent people must be weeded
> out. They must not be allowed to use their position,
> power and the state media to cover up their arses.
> PM LHL must start to act tough on his own ministers
> and top civil servants. Too often these people have
> managed to cover up their weaknesses and used the
> media to glorify their success. He must pass a
> whistle blower act to check on such people.

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