Stress exposed weakness in government departments

From: "truth"
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 06:40:58 GMT
Local: Sat, May 23 2009 2:40 pm
Subject: Stress exposed weakness in government departments

We are now seeing that the pap Leegime has so much problems
in their system. Under stress we see that the Ministry of Home
Affairs are full of holes all over the places. From prison security
to airport security, from border security to intelligence on the
ground, we are seeing that not only are the people running it not
up to standard but the systems are not reliable.

Under stress, the MAS has failed on various fronts. From allowing
dubious products to be sold to highly questionable sales and
marketing tactics, the MAS has been caught sleeping on the job.
Under stress we are now seeing more weaknesses in the Education
Ministry. The Ministry of National Development has been caught
short on many areas. So has the Ministry of Environment. Other
Ministries are also caught short.

The PM has been caught hiding
on many occassions. Those incharge of our investments have
failed us, losing a huge chunks of our wealth. LKY has been
caught wrong on so many occassions. His proclaimation of a
golden era was followed by depression. His proclaimation that
Asia will not be affected by the problems in America was dead
wrong. His insistence that our investments in Western banks were
followed by Temasek liquition of our investments in BoA at huge

How can we ever trust this bunch of bumbling and greedy idiots
again ?

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