Building bridges to improve relationship between Malaysia and Singapore

From: baldeagle
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 18:03:14 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, May 23 2009 9:03 am
Subject: Building improve relationship between Malaysia and Singapore

Najib, the new PM of Malaysia has completed a two-day official visit
to Singapore.

He is a different PM from all his predecessors. He came...NOT to seek
quarrel, not to open up old wounds, not to see what Singapore has
achieved (for copying later) ,....... but to improve the co-operations
in economic activities, in security matters ....and to build bridges
to improve the relationships between Malaysian and Singapore.

Among his proposals, is to build a bridge, not only metaphorically,
but building a real bridge connecting the eastern part of Johor with
the east of Singapore.

An East bridge is an excellent idea. It is a timely move to ease the
congestion at the causeway (provided the charges for its use is
reasonably low.) With increasing flow of people and cargo traffic,
the congestions will get even worse.
For Singaporeans living in the east, those living in densely populated
areas (including Sengkang, Ponggol, Pasir Ris, Tampines, Bedok and
Marine Parade), it would shorten their journeys to tourist resorts
located in Eastern peninsula Malaysia.

For Singaporean and foreigner investors who have factories in Malaysia
(to take advantage of the cheaper labour, land and operating costs),
it is a direct link to Changi Airport. It will improve their
operational efficiency as their goods trucks could avoid the long long
queues at the causeway and it will significantly cut the delivery time
of goods to the Cargo complex in Changi airport. (Not only for
electronic parts, but new perishable products like cut flower and
fresh sea food could be exported by air).

Najib is proving to be a practical who can get things done.


When the malaysian govt is 'weak' back home.........they are very
receptive toward neighbours.........but, once the malaysian govt is
'strong' ( ie. Mahathir time ) they tell neighbouring to 'fuck-
off'......or 'no deal'
The Malaysian government was NEVER strong...or WEAK.

They were all corrupt...but many used Singapore as a
whipping hide their corruption acts. refreshing and is different. Corruption aside,
he made some attractive proposals...good for Singaporeans
and Malaysian...during his first trip to Singapore.

For this, he deserved to be complimented.

Without Singapore participation, IDR will not be successful. Plain simple.

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