Why Indians cannot be the PM of Singapore...LKY has no love for Indians

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kenneth Jeyaratnam, the eldest son of J B Jeyaratnam, graduated
>>>>>>>>>>>>>with a double first in Economics from Cambridge University. He
>>>>>>>>>>>>>worked in the banking sector in London and returned to Singapore
>>>>>>>>>>>>>last year when his father was ill.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>This man will make an excellent Singaporean PM.

>>>>>>>>>>>> LKY already said Keling can never be PM of sg....... even with
>>>>>>>>>>>> engrish
>>>>>>>>>>>> first name................ otherwise Danabalan would be first
>>>>>>>>>>>> Keling
>>>>>>>>>>>> PM with Keling President and sg changed to Kelingstan.

>>>>>>>>>>>Hee hee hee!
>>>>>>>>>>>Sorry to disappoint you dude. You just shot yourself in the foot.
>>>>>>>>>>>"Singapore" is a kelingstan name. LOL.

>>>>>>>>>> Hey Rocky, says you?
>>>>>>>>>> Singapura aka Lion City came from sanskrit.......... keling is
>>>>>>>>>> tamil
>>>>>>>>>> based! In tamil it is called Kudiyarasu. Geddit rocks n pebble
>>>>>>>>>> head?

>>>>>>>>>Keling is Tamil based? Either you must be a numbskull or the people

>>>>>>>> In sg Keling refers to tamil dirt. Period.

>>>>>>>Hee hee hee. Tell it to the man in Istana. LOL
>>>>>>>BTW, you must be a keling to know that keling = dirt. LOL
>>>>>>>Also, you haven't clarified or disproved the Wikipedia meaning,

>>>>>> NO need as keling here is in sg context you twit.

>>>>>>>>>Wikipedia are. According to Wikipedia, keling describes all Indians.
>>>>>>>>>and be educated http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keling

>>>>>>>>>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
>>>>>>>>>Jump to: navigation, search
>>>>>>>>>Keling (pronounced /kling/) is a word used to describe Indians or
>>>>>>>>>Malaysia[1] and Singapore (more specifically, Malaysian Indians and
>>>>>>>>>Singaporean Indians. It is now generally considered offensive by
>>>>>>>>>although it may often be used by other communities in Malaysia
>>>>>>>>>derogatory intention.

>>>>>>>> So Kudiyarasu is a kelingstan name, you moronic twit!

>>>>>>>MORON! Why are you babbling "Kudiyarasu" "Kudiyarasu" repeatedly
>>>>>>>explaining what is?

>>>>>> Are you worthy of beig explained to when the context gives plenty of
>>>>>> clue........... telling me that Singapura is Kelingstan!

>>>>>You must be either so stupid

>>>> to an idiot like you, it appears so

>>>>> that you don't understand or, are trying to
>>>>>evade answering it.
>>>> who are you that I need to evade? go fuck your neighbour's dog

>>>>> Again nobody understands your screaming of "Kudiyarasu"

>>>> how so?

>>>>>"Kudiyarasu". Are you ashamed of your mother tongue?

>>>> you still dun know Kudiyarasu? it is your anus after being shafted by
>>>> a Bangla

>>>Oh! You are talking about your ancestors and how you were conceived? Sad.
>>>and take your medicine and re-check into IMH first thing in the morning.

>> NOW you are telling the how whole how your mother got fucked n
>> conceived you....... & you are doing same thing to conceive another
>> fucking bastard like you - male birth is rare but possible, so keep on
>> trying, you motherfucking idiot

>Tut, tut. Such low gutter language is a manifestation of the low life that
>you came from.

Used on sewage worm like you is perfectly justified.

>Hmm, so you are an illegitimate child born in that beggarly Bangla land of a
>five-minute liaison between a streetwalker and a drunken soldier. Well, it

A clear reference to your origin. No doubt Charles Darwin will agree.

>is not your fault that you reek of the vulgar environment. But that you are
>still clinging on to your old habits is amazing. It is indeed remarkable for
>a low class pariah like you to write a few sentences in English. Were you

No need to tell us more......... are you not ashamed?

>raised in an orphanage housing children from shit-filled backlanes?

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